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Rescue Alert of California Tells Story of Senior Avoiding Emergency
Added: 11/30/2012 - Stefanie Jeanne

Medical alert provider Rescue Alert of California announced today the release of a new video testimonial starring a senior who wished to tell the story of her positive experience with the company’s medical alert system and monitoring service. Maxine  Adams lives alone, and has recently suffered a heart attack. A fall in her home left her unable to get up, and unable to call for help. 

Maxine Adams was alone in her home when she fell, walking from the bathroom to the laundry room. She wasn’t sure whether she was hurt, but could not reach the phone to call for help. Maxine pressed her medical alert button, and received an instant reply from one of Rescue Alert of California’s™ trained responders.

The attendant asked Maxine right away about the nature of her emergency. Maxine did not feel she needed emergency medical attention, so she asked the attendant to call her son. Her son was called and came to help her up. 

Even though the situation did not pose an immediate medical risk to Maxine, she was grateful that in her helpless state, Rescue Alert of California™ was able to help her receive the help she needed before the situation became an emergency.

"It’s comforting," Maxine states in the video, "to know that Rescue Alert of California™ is there, and I can call them at any time that I need them". 

Although a fall such as Maxine’s may not cause immediate injury, many seniors who fall cannot get back up again due to mobility problems, and the chance of complications and negative health effects from falls increase the longer a senior is immobile after a fall. This is one reason Maxine Adams is thankful she had a medical alert from Rescue Alert of California™ at the time of her fall, as it prevented her inconvenient situation from becoming a true emergency. 

About Rescue Alert of California™:

Rescue Alert of California™ is the premier medical alert system provider and has designed its products and services to respond with speed, accuracy, and dependability.  They have been experts in senior health and eldercare for over a decade.  Extensive years of experience, engineering, and research have brought about the highest level of senior medical care and senior safety products.

Rescue Alert of California
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