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Scottish new Family Law Proposals
Added: 07/13/2005 - James Deuchars

Reversal of the Family Decline

The Scottish Executive must be congratulated on setting up The Social Work Inspection Agency, an independent watchdog making Social Workers accountable, to ensure they work in the best interests of the children they are dealing with. (Daily Record, Wednesday June 1st 2005).

The blame of family breakdown lies squarely at the feet of the Governments, British and Scottish, working through the far reaching powers of the Social Services and courts and other government agencies. Telling children that grandparents are not important in their lives is the main cause of family decline.

Cut off the head of anything and the body dies. The Governments did this to families, divide and disaster conquers.

It became a serious problem when the 1989 Children's Act was debated at Westminster and carried on by the Scottish Executive. At Westminster some ministers protested the debate about grandparents was not given enough time to debate properly, (Hansard Vol. 158 Session 1988-89, Friday 27th October 1989, Children Bill: Rep & 3R (Column:1302)) and that the situation would come back to haunt them. IT HAS. This exclusion of grandparents has escalated to the present day situation.

In order to save family life from total destruction the governments must put all pressure to bear on the unification of the family and give every assistance in problem solving without resorting to the legal system, by directing all services that work with children, government agencies and others to follow that principle.

Most people know a Gran or Granda they can turn to, but we are still getting too many calls proving this valuable relationship is very much in the decline.

The other day a grandmother phoned us, broken hearted as her daughter has stopped her from seeing her grandchildren. During the conversation it emerged that this granny had stopped her own mother from seeing her children.

This granny had educated her children this way, so perhaps what goes around comes around. Children learn what they live. Teach them to solve problems, not just ignore them and you might be spared the heartbreak.


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