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Secure Data Erasure with KillDisk Desktop
LSoft Technologies Inc. presents KillDisk Desktop, an affordable industrial-grade hardware solution for securely erasing hard disks.
Added: 02/01/2017 - LSoft Technologies

LSoft Technologies Inc. presents the ultimate solution to business and enterprise users looking for a secure way to get rid of any potentially sensitive data stored on disused or decommissions hard drives. Whether the data storage devices are to be donated, sold off or simply stored someone on or off the premises, it is imperative that any potentially confidential or sensitive data is securely and completely erased. There's simply no better and more efficient way to do that than by using KillDisk Desktop, a complete data erasure hardware solution that acts as your all-in-one digitalized paper shredder. Supporting all external or internal hard drives, regardless of the file system they are using, the unit will erase up to five devices in parallel to save time and provide peace of mind in the process.

KillDisk Desktop couldn't be easier to use. It is shipped as a fully self-contained unit that works independently of any other devices or operating systems connected to your company network. Simply plug it in, and everything is ready to use out of the box. All you need to do is connect a disk, and it will automatically erase its contents and print a certificate once the process is complete. The system supports various internationally recognized data security standards including the U.S. DoD Erasure and HIPAA standards. It also features a set of built-in disk examination tools to give you a complete overview of the connected drives and their contents. You can also examine the disks for bad sectors beforehand to determine whether to physically destroy them instead of salvaging them for reuse. To find out more, take a look at

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