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Substance Rehabilitation Focuses On Home Based Alcohol Detoxification
Substance Rehabilitation was established in October 2017 to provide a hugely in-demand service to assist those with substance misuse issues.
Added: 02/24/2019 - Rosario Berry

Liverpool, UK - Substance Rehabilitation was established in October 2017 to provide a hugely in-demand service to assist those with substance misuse issues.

According to the Director of Substance Rehabilitation, Fenella Price, "Our Admissions Consultants are not only highly trained but possess first-hand experience in their field to help source the right Treatment Centre regardless of how this disease is manifesting itself."

Our consultation function acts to eliminate as much uncertainty from the equation as is truly possible - by alleviating any fears we can, time in treatment can be focussed solely upon the true core of the problem and taking the first step towards a lifelong commitment to recovery.

Fenella says "We can remove the pressure of identifying the correct centre and facilitate admission, including transporting the individual into the hands of the people who can truly assist where all else has failed. The focus of our business is transitioning the person in crisis from active addiction to a programme of recovery in the shortest time possible."

Our very existence is dedicated to saving as many lives as we can through knowing our business and nurturing our network of treatment centres to ensure that for every call we receive, Substance Rehabilitation can provide options for effective treatment.

There are an abundance of centres across the UK treating a myriad of variables within the umbrella definition of ‘Dependence & Addiction’. All of our clinics operate independently and with different specialisms. We have treatment centres located throughout the UK forming our Professional Network and we work only with the very best.

Every Treatment Centre to whom we refer clients specialises in treating some or all aspects of the Disease of Addiction.

It is vital to be aware that our centres are staffed and managed by extensively trained professionals and the range of available treatments do incur considerable – whilst wide ranging – costs. Substance Rehabilitation as a Referral Service never charges the individual receiving treatment, but our centres are autonomous and privately operated with fixed charges dependent upon exact nature of services accessed and duration of any residential periods.

Fenella further says "We understand from experience precisely the position an individual is in prior to admission – at best on the very edge of a precipice, more typically experiencing their latest, most frightening and deepest Rock Bottom. We can prepare, support and facilitate every aspect which can be made easier to give you the space you need to be teachable – to be shown a way to navigate your way through the horrors of this disease which does not discriminate."

Addiction is a progressive disease and until assistance is sought the illness itself and all the associated problems which accompany this illness will continue to escalate.

In addition to Treatment Centre Referral, Substance Rehabilitation Ltd. offer a range of directly administered services which includes a Home Based Alcohol Detoxification.

For a variety of reasons an individual who has become physically dependent upon alcohol may express a complete lack of willingness to be admitted to residential rehabilitation – When the condition is life threatening, action is always the solution and if this means undergoing a home based alcohol detox then Substance Rehabilitation can assist.

It is important to appreciate that physical withdrawals from alcohol can kill but likewise, undergoing a physical detoxification is not a complete solution to the problem.

Detoxing from alcohol is in itself a life threatening process - It is therefore essential that a qualified health professional or support worker be present to both monitor the individuals wellbeing and administer necessary medication to ensure seizures do not ensue.

A detailed breakdown of medications utilised throughout this process are available through consultation with Substance Rehabilitation. These are prescribed medications which will be issued under a strict regime to avoid any danger of cross addiction or overdose. A course of vitamin supplements including Vitamin D and Thiamine will also be administered to assist the body in recovery and improve its ability to absorb nutrients from regular food as opposed to purely alcohol.

In addition to the formal medical element of treatment, the Substance Rehabilitation representative will also ensure person undergoing detoxification is as comfortable as possible throughout the process. Depending upon the extent of physical discomfort we can assist in the provision of meals, bathing and other home based requirements as necessary.

The very presence of another human being whilst going through the pain of physical withdrawal does, in itself, greatly assist the process. As anyone who has abused substances will know, the suffering is not purely physical and the therapeutic benefit of talking to someone who truly understands should not be underestimated. Substance Rehabilitation provide this life changing presence.

Whilst a home based detox does serve, if completed successfully, to separate an individual from alcohol, it is important to note that such actions do not go any way towards establishing and treating the underlying problems which likely gave rise to the abuse of alcohol in the first instance.

Substance Rehabilitation Ltd. is positioned to provide a qualified person to be present during the most severe stages of detoxification and administer necessary medication on a regular basis.

Whilst being aware that a home-based detox will involve physical withdrawals which can be quite extreme; it is vital to appreciate that detoxification is only the first step towards achieving true recovery. It is the very first stage of rehabilitation and individuals are strongly recommended to connect with the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Fellowship to help establish an ongoing support network following completion of a Substance Rehabilitation Home Alcohol Detox services available at:


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Substance Rehabilitation
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