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Syncro Soft Announces a New Release (Version 19.1) of the Oxygen XML Editor Suite of Products
Added: 10/02/2017 - Syncro Soft

Syncro Soft Announces a New Release (Version 19.1) of the Oxygen XML Editor Suite of Products
Release date: September 29, 2017

Syncro Soft, the developer of the Oxygen XML suite of products, is proud to announce the immediate availability of version 19.1 of its industry leading XML editing suite of products, Oxygen XML Editor, Author, Developer, Web Author, WebHelp, as well as the new Oxygen PDF Chemistry.

Version 19.1 brings you a variety of new features and improvements that focus on productivity, performance, efficiency, and simplicity.

New Features and Improvements in Oxygen XML Editor include:

* A new Components tab has been added to the DITA Reusable Components view that provides a very quick and simple way to insert reusable components in your documents.

* Various DITA validation improvements were made, such as detecting table structure problems or duplicate key definitions.

* You can now float images to the left or right side of your DITA topics in PDF and XHTML output.

* More enhancements to the Smart Paste mechanism to convert certain text fragment styling to appropriate code fragments.

* Our new product Oxygen PDF Chemistry allows you to obtain PDF output from HTML or XML documents simply by styling them with CSS. Oxygen PDF Chemistry is bundled in the Oxygen XML Editor distribution, but it can also be used from a command line interface script. 

* Various components in the WebHelp Responsive system were enhanced to make it easier for the end user to navigate through your documentation.

* The file comparison tool now allows you to display the files in a visual Author mode.

* Numerous productivity improvements for XSLT, XQuery, and Schematron development, as well as XInclude 1.1 support.

* Oxygen has been tested and supports the latest Mac operating system: OS X High Sierra (10.13).

* The Tools menu now includes a useful and simple tool for converting a JSON document to XML.

Oxygen XML Web Author provides an innovative web-based structured authoring tool. Its powerful technology and adaptive interface allows you to review, contribute, and edit content from anywhere that you can access a browser, on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices.

New Features added in Oxygen XML Web Author version 19.1 include:

* An Image Map Editor has been implemented and it allows you to add links from specific areas of an image to corresponding topics or other resources.

* Along with existing support for GitHub, Web Author can now be integrated with Bitbucket or GitLab repositories.

* To improve loading performance, large images are automatically scaled down before loading them in Oxygen XML Web Author.

* You can now accept or reject multiple tracked changes at once, or all tracked changes in a document at once. You also now have the ability to force the Track Changes feature to always be enabled.

* An Oxygen XML Web Author Customization Guide is now available online to help integrators or system admins who are looking for information about integrating and customizing Oxygen XML Web Author.

There are also various other improvements to make your authoring, collaborating, and reviewing experience more efficient, accurate, and productive.

As usual, this release of Oxygen also contains numerous new API and component updates.

For the complete list of new features and detailed information, please visit


To purchase Oxygen XML Editor, Author, Developer or WebHelp, please visit the Oxygen XML store at
If you are interested in triggering some of the processing provided by Oxygen from other processes, you can do that using the new Oxygen XML Scripting license. For details, please contact us at [email protected]

About Syncro Soft

Syncro Soft develops the industry-acclaimed Oxygen XML Editor, facilitating teams in small businesses, Fortune 500 enterprises, universities, government agencies, and international organizations in authoring documents, publishing in different formats, collaborating with team members, and managing content. At the same time, Oxygen enables XML developers to develop advanced style-sheets, edit schema, generate documentation, debug files, and connect databases. It is the only tool that supports all XML schema languages. It provides the widest coverage of state-of-the-art XML technologies, complies with standards of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and of other organizations, and enhances productivity through an intuitive and innovative authoring and development environment.

Oxygen is a registered trademark of Syncro Soft in the U.S and other countries. Any other trademarks or service marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

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