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Teachers Apps
Added: 09/18/2019 - teacherr

With technology advancing each day, teachers are equally engaged in evolving their knowledge base as much as students. Digital advancement is a boon to both, the student as well as the teacher. Integrating technology, be it digital articles/Journals, online classes, YouTube videos or even apps, into everyday life has become a blessing in disguise. The platform for education and active learning has expanded and knowledge is no longer limited. Mobile applications are some among the digital tools that make day to day activities more creative and innovative. 21st century has had ingenious, fun filled and convenient applications from Water intake reminder apps to workouts and Job search apps. Google Play provides a range of extremely fun filled and useful set of apps for teachers as well. Here are some of the best rated apps on Google Play that could literally make a Teachers Apps

1. BYJU’S App
Launched in the year 2015, BYJU’S App is rated 4.7 in Google Play with over ten million downloads. It offers highly personalised, engaging and effective learning programs for school going students. The App offers the study material for courses such as GMAT, GRE, NEET, JEE, IAS, CAT, along with covering CBSE and ICSE syllabuses. The material is divided based on the age group (Class 4th to 12th) of students for easier access to information. Exam preparation question banks, rapid quizzes and interesting videos of concepts that students often find complex and confusing are engagingly presented in the App. Even though the App is a student oriented one, it aides teachers as well. Teachers who need a quick brushing of certain areas of study or want extra information or even question paper references with solutions could look up the app.  
2. Beyond Teaching- Social, Education & Teacher App
With over one thousand plus downloads and a rating of 4.6, Beyond Teaching is everything its title suggests. It is a free app for teachers who are looking for topics related to education, social networking as well as global news and opportunities for teachers. This app is extremely useful for teachers who are looking for a route to improve their skills as a teacher or even for strategies that could be used in a classroom be it a school or a university. It is a perfect blend of technology and education. The option to read and share articles also helps teachers to connect, relate and bond over the common passion of teaching. Have a look at the App yourself!

TED Talks are by now world famous for their inspirational videos and the kind of motivation they give from real life experiences. The app that was released on March 4th, 2012 has come a long way and presently has over more than ten million downloads with a 4.6 rating on Google Play. "Free your curiosity and expand your world" is exactly what the app offers you. It features over three thousand talks on varying topics including health, science, education to relationships, cultures, behaviourism and so on with subtitles in over hundred languages. Now, if you are a teacher who is in search of an inspiration or someone who wants to inspire their students in an entertaining method, looking up TED talks for students is a great way.

Topics ranging from exam fear, path to success, stress for success are all available in this app. TED doesn’t restrict itself to mere educational material but expands to various areas of the mind. It is motivational for both the student as well as the teacher. Click on the link to check out this two in one App!

To be organised is as important as any other task that a teacher has to deal with. With more than four hours of teaching, managing classes, handling extra-curricular activities as well as committing to individual duties assigned, a teachers life is definitely a handful! To find your ideas at the blink of an eye, Evernote app assists you to plan better, prepare better and have it all organised. It features options such as typing your inputs or even scanning handwritten notes. It also helps you add to do lists, save photos, videos, webpages or audio relevant to the subject and thereby organize data. Evernote app has over a hundred million downloads and a 4.6 rating. It definitely is an all in one organiser. Check out the App!

5. POCKET: Save. Read. Grow.
Pocket App is basically a "get all you want content" App. It has magazine articles, stories, videos and news regarding almost any topic. It is a good platform for teachers who can save and share relevant information that is accessible globally. The app was released in 2011 and presently has a rating of 4.5 with over ten million downloads. It can unquestionably be called a pit stop for content. It could also help you discover what you love as an individual person. Check out the app for more information.

6. SEESAW: The Learning Journal
Seesaw is a student oriented app that focuses on KG to 12th grade classrooms. It aids students to aspire more and thus aides the teachers as well. It is a well-developed platform for teachers to get ideas and browse through thousands of classroom activities that can make a regular activity much more interesting. It also acts as a platform for students to share their ideas and reflect on what they have studied. The app that was released in the year 2015 has over five thousand downloads and a 4.3 rating on Google Play. Checkout their website to know more features.

ClassDojo app has ten million downloads and a 4.4 rating. ClassDojo is a communication app for teachers, parents and students. The app lets teachers share the latest updates and progress in a classroom to parents thereby enhancing the classroom experience for both the student and the parent. The platform lets teachers share videos, photos and important announcements to the community (teacher-parent community). Tools like group makers and noise meters come together in this single app. The app builds a positive classroom culture encouraging students through keeping the parents involved and part of the growth. Check out ClassDojo!

Google Classroom App has a 4.2 rating that provides free services for schools, non-profit organisations and anyone with a google account. The app becomes a tool of convenience for learners and instructors to connect inside and outside of schools. Gone are the days when learning was limited to the four walls of a classroom. Here, Google Classroom opens doors to create online classes, distribute assignments, communicate and stay organized. In a world that keeps moving faster, the app helps save time, energy and is convenient for both students as well as teachers. It enhances communication, is affordable as well as secure. The app was released in the year 2015 and presently has over ten million downloads. Check out more features of the app. 

Lesson Plan App that was released in the year 2017 has already over fifty thousand downloads and a 4.3 rating. Its main functions include generating ready-to-use English lesson plan templates. It also consists of fun filled activities based on each part. This is definitely the best helping tool for a teacher who wants to engage the class with creative activities and thought provoking sessions. The templates can be made based on your preference of whether the activity should be reading, writing, listening or speaking oriented. The app is positively the finest space to look for teaching material, preparing activities and above all making that perfect Lesson Plan for the day. Check out the app on Google play!

10. DIKSHA – National Teachers Platform for India
  DIKSHA is a one of the latest teaching aid apps created for teachers based in India released in the year 2018. DIKSHA has over one million downloads and rated 4.2. The platform offers teachers, students and parents relevant study material prescribed to the school curriculum. Teachers have special access to helping tools such as lesson plans, worksheets and activities focusing on the Indian educational system. It creates an enjoyable classroom experience and even provides practice sessions for students to be fully equipped during an examination free from doubts and confusions. It explores interactive material created by the best Indian content curators for teachers and students based in India.

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