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Take back your online freedom with VPN for Windows VPN for Windows lets you use the internet with limitations and protect your privacy and anonymity with secure servers all around the world.
Added: 01/15/2020 - eVenture Limited VPN for Windows presents a safe way to browse the internet and take back your freedom to use the websites and online services you like. It`s one of the world`s fastest VPN services, offering advanced security, online freedom and protection for your digital privacy. It also has servers around the world in more than 60 different locations.

Secure your online activities

These days, it has become commonplace to work from home or on the move. A problem arises when you connect to the internet through an unsecured WiFi hotspot, such as those often found in parks and cafes. These unprotected networks might seem convenient, but they also don`t encrypt traffic between the device and the local router. Even password-protected networks aren`t necessarily safe either, especially in light of the KRACK vulnerability found in the universally used WPA2 security protocol. WiFi eavesdroppers can easily listen in on your activities and intercept any unencrypted data. But, with VPN for Windows, you can browse the internet securely even on these otherwise unsecure connections, since your data will always be encrypted.

Protect your privacy

Similarly, VPN for Windows lets you safeguard your anonymity by letting you keep your real IP address hidden. This unique identifier allows websites and online services to see your approximate geographical location and which internet service provider you have. This means being subjected to things like censorship and those annoying messages along the lines of `this content isn`t available in your country`. By connecting through a VPN, you can make the internet think you`re connecting from the country where the VPN server is located. This makes it ideal when you`re traveling or living in a region where the internet is heavily restricted. offers 1560 servers in 60 different countries! Also, the client can pick the fastest server automatically if you prefer.

Take back your online freedom today at

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