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The Best Push Up Bra Provides a Custom 2 Full Cups
Added: 01/08/2009 - Bita Saviss

The Best Push Up Bra Provides a Custom 2 Full Cup Boost that Looks Natural and Provides All-Day Comfort

For years, women have been literally surrounded by so called "push-up bras", "extreme padded bras", "add a cup bras", "super padded bras" and "extreme push up bras" containing water, liquid, silicone, air, pad and gel inserts which are heavy, noisy, can shift out of place, leak, lack support, and are so uncomfortable they can't wait to whisk them off at the end of the day.

However, one customized and made to order push-up bra now on the market - the Lavand Distraction Bra from Bita Saviss is proving that women can have their cake and eat it too. In addition to having a unique patented design, every Lavand Distraction Bra is a custom bra that is hand-sewn per order using a distinct Micro-fiber fabric for the entire bra including inside and outside the cups, the bands and the straps. The unique construction and design of the bra molds and sculpts to a woman's shape while creating the maximum fullness (up to 2 full cup sizes), ultimate lift, and a natural look that's extremely comfortable to wear.

Whether you are a petite woman and need petite bra sizes such as 28A, 28AA, 30A, 30AA, 32A, 32AA, 34AA, 36A, 36AA, 28C, 30C, 32C, 28D, 28DD, 30D, 30DD or need wider bands such as 38A, 38AA, 40A, 40AA, 42A, 42AA Bita Saviss provides this unique push up bra in over 70 bra cup and band sizes. It comes in AAA, AA, A, B, C, D and DD cups as well as 26 to 52 band sizes. Ordering the correct bra size on-line is very easy as this amazing push up bra is true to size. If a woman normally wears a 34AA, then she would order the same 34AA bra size. Each size has been perfected ensuring the right fit for every woman. Specific bra customizations are available for hard to find sizes, and women who have a hard time finding a great-fitting bra as each woman has a unique shape; for example if a tall woman needs the bra straps extended or a woman needs more or less space placed between the cups, they can request specific bra customization for their customized perfect fit.

The exclusive design, fabric and construction also allow for an easy removal and placement of the inserts using the discreet and uniquely designed bra pockets inside the cups. The removable, hand-sewn bra inserts also made from scratch in the production plant - are lightweight and comfortable, yet very effective in lifting breasts and adding fullness. This allows the woman to choose her bra cup increase from 1 to 2 full cup sizes. Women with larger breasts, who are simply looking for the maximum breast lift and support, can remove the bra inserts and also have the option to customize their push-up bra with wider bands for extra comfort.

"I just love the [Lavand Distraction] bra," says Lisa of Henderson, Nevada. "It has become my favorite. It's so comfortable and it makes me look and feel wonderful. I sincerely thought that I was going to have to have a surgical lift to look the way I did before giving birth to my 4 boys, but this bra has done the trick."

Expert professional bra fitting consultation and bra measurement instructions are provided on the Bita Saviss website and bras can also be made to each woman's specifications. Available colors include white pearl, classic black and caramel nude a uniquely developed nude color that disappears under all colors, including white. This custom bra is convertible six ways including halter, racerback and strapless.

For women interested in the same comfortable, natural look while at the beach or poolside, Bita Saviss is now offering Lavand Distraction Push Up Swimwear that adds up to 2 full cup sizes and has all the unique aspects of the Lavand Distraction Bra. For a woman wanting the ultimate in added fullness, increased size, lift, cleavage, contour, all-day comfort, and a natural, tasteful look, the Bita Saviss Lavand Distraction Bra and Swimwear have it all.

For more information or to order a Lavand Distraction Bra in different styles and colors including the popular $75 Boob Job, $85 Boob Job and $88 Boob Job visit .

Bita Saviss is the original Designer of the Lavand Distraction.

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