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The House Of Miners announced new Mining Colocation and Ethereum Mining Server terms
The House Of Miners (HoM) - - has announced new service terms, add-on services and lower rates for all Cryptocurrency Mining services.
Added: 03/19/2018 - Dimitar Avramov

As of March 19, 2018, The House Of Miners - significantly reduced its service fees for all GPU and ASIC Mining European Colocation services. HoM has expanded the colocation capacity in its European, Bulgaria based mining data center with 100 square meters in March (1100 square feet) and is also adding to service another 200 square meters (2150 square feet) colocation room in the beginning of April.

The HoM's increased infrastructure capacity also allows the company to adapt to the rapidly changing cryptocurrency market, which as of March 2017, results in lower profits for anyone involved in the GPU or ASIC mining industry.

GPU & ASIC Colocation

Starting from March 19, 2018 HoM has lowered the GPU and ASIC Colocation fee for a single mining servers and rigs to $69 per month (respectively 69 in its European facilities). HoM has also added a remote power reboot and electricity usage measurement device, as a standard service, to each new colocated mining appliance. According to the company, this increases the operational continuity of its client's mining operations and boost their productivity.

The cost of electricity in HoM's U.S. based Mining Colocation facility is $0.119 per kilowatt/hour. The company charges 0.139 per kilowatt/hour for GPU and ASIC mining appliances colocated in its European, Bulgaria based facility. Starting rom April 2018 HoM is prepared to offer a lower rates of electricity - 0.119 per kilowatt/hour - for certain mining colocation contracts in our European facilities, subject to 1-year contracts and quantity.

HoM accepts European Colocation contracts for Mining Servers (closed boxes), Open Mining Rigs and ASIC miners with up to 1.8 kilowatts reserved power for each cryptocurrency mining machine appliance.

Dedicated GPU Servers & Mining Rigs

The House of Miners also announced anyone who wants to launch GPU Mining operations without making capital costs, an excellent opportunity to use leased Dedicated GPU Servers. This lowers the risk for those who start with Ethereum or other Ethash based mining and gives them flexibility to go for a month to month contract. As of March 19 all HoM's Ethereum Mining dedicated servers are available for leasing at monthly contracts at 488 ($599/month) for a 220 Mh/s Ethash capacity.
The pricing of all 220 MH/s Ethereum Mining Dedicated Servers are all inclusive. There are no hidden or additional costs of any kind.

About The House Of Miners
The (HoM), a brand created by Host Color LLC and and operated by both companies, respectively in the U.S. and Europe has announced the opining of its first Cryptocurrency Mining facility in Europe. HoM's SOF1 is a Tier 1 (with Tier 2 features) GPU Mining Colocation center located in Sofia Bulgaria.

It specializes in hosting GPU and ASIC mining servers and appliances. All the equipment is colocated in a Mining data center with 24/7 security, reliable power supply and quality networking service which offers the lowest possible latency to the major European Mining Pools.

The House Of Miners
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