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The benefits of incentive travel for your employees
Incentive trips: beneficial for the morale of your employees
Added: 11/03/2020 - Veronique Hervouet

Internal communication in your company is a factor that should not be neglected for its smooth operation. Giving importance to each one of your employees is very important. New strategies and activities have been developed to improve cohesion: laughter therapy, yoga, everything is good to make your employees feel better. More recently, there has been an increase in incentive trips. This consists of bringing your team together during a getaway away from work. This new method has many advantages. Discover this new concept and its benefits, proposed by La Maison by GTS, you French DMC agency based in Nice.

Motivate your employees

Motivating employees can be a real challenge. Organizing a trip with your team allows you to reward them for their work throughout the year. It also enables you to strongly energize your company. The idea when you prepare this kind of event, is that you seek above all to offer an unforgettable experience to your employees to boost them. Like that, when they return to work, they are more motivated.

In the same way, it allows you to reinforce the cohesion in your team. This type of trip allows you to strengthen ties but also to get rid of that feeling of hierarchy. During the journey, everyone is equal and the only keyword is to enjoy. It has been proven that employees who have participated in an incentive trip increase their productivity, and therefore their profitability.

Avoiding burn-out

Corporate travel is a good thing to improve the morale of your employees. And if the mood is upbeat, the overall atmosphere in your company will only get better. It will also improve your company's image and its internal communication will be more fluid.

Also, taking your team out of the work environment helps avoid boredom and discomfort at work, which sometimes leads to depression and burn-out. They will then be able to de-stress and take a break. Relieving the pressure will enable them to return to work with greater motivation.

Generate profitability

Let's not hide the fact that the main goal of these professional trips is to generate profitability for your company. Motivated employees will work harder and increase turnover. Investing in human capital has shown that it can significantly enlarge the bottom line of your business. On average the increase in profitability is measured at around 11%. The gains will not only be monetary but also human since it produces productivity gains on the part of your employees.

Do not hesitate to call upon an agency specialized in incentive travel to organize yours. The professional teams of La Maison by GTS will be able to accompany you throughout the organization of your professional event.

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