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This Will Never Work
An Exhibition by Robyn Desposito and Nikki Johnson
Added: 05/19/2006 - Steve Cannon, Director

This Will Never Work

An Exhibition by Robyn Desposito and Nikki Johnson

Tribes Gallery
285 East Third Street
between Ave. B & C
New York, NY 1000

phone: 212-674-3778
fax: 212-674-5576

Opening Reception: Saturday May 6th 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates: Saturday May 6th - Sunday May 28t

"This Will Never Work" is a phrase heard by many artists through their careers either from themselves or someone else. Robyn Desposito and Nikki Johnson take that comment in stride and forge ahead. Both artists share a documentary style as they touch upon seamier aspects of life.
Pushing the boundaries of various mediums, Robyn Desposito's interests lie in exploring the dichotomies inherent in her work - emotionally, socially, and formally. Her latest series, Anger Management is based on expressions of uncontrollable rage and the cycle of provocation and reaction within women. Robyn sits with individual women in afternoon sessions and encourages each to channel feelings of emotional anguish, helplessness, and frustration and bring them to the surface. She then creates multi-panel collages and paintings.

"In some pieces I incorporate excerpts from 1950's and 1960's self-help books, introducing the voice that interjects against the muted woman and whose societal standards, I believe, are still felt today."
Photographer Nikki Johnson divides a large part of her photographic work between what she terms "passive-aggressive" portraiture, self-portraiture, nausea-inducing close-ups, and an on-going series on erotica and the world of BDSM with a special emphasis on members in the African-American community. Her most recent work are images of people exploring their fantasy worlds through role-play shown side by side with photographs of hard realities that take on the surreal quality of a dream.

"Some of the images I create seem to switch back and forth in style between documentary work and the glossy commercial ads, much the same way there is a shift back and forth in a persona vs. the person who actually inhabits it."

About the Artists: Robyn Desposito and Nikki Johnson met as members of the women's art salon The Exhibitionists. Robyn Desposito is a NYC native. She earned a BFA at Syracuse University in Illustration and Painting. She recently completed a 2005 residency at the Vermont Art Studio Center, which helped evolve her work into various new mediums for exploration. Nikki Johnson is a Mississippi native living in NYC. She earned a Masters degree in Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. In 2005, Johnson was the first photographer to receive a residency at The Henry Street Settlement's A.I.R. program.

About Tribes Gallery: The gallery at Tribes mounts a new show every month. Each exhibition embraces different media and themes, from photographs celebrating jazz to high-tech installations evoking dystopia. Artists are chosen by the gallery for their innovative use of materials or treatment of subject, for a vision that grows out of a sense of community, and for artistic excellence. The gallery features mature artists as well as emerging ones, often displaying work that would not be seen in mainstream galleries, such as the small-scale cutting edge works challenging the art establishment.

Tribes Gallery
285 East Third Street
Between Ave. B & C
New York NY 10009

Site URL:
Phone: 212-674-3778
FAX: 212-674-5576
Email: Contact
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