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Three years after his death, Jobs's influence at the Web Summit is still everywhere
I spent the past week at the Web Summit in Dublin .
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 I inadvertently noticed that we were still fascinated by Apple's co-founder Steve Jobs, who had been away for more than three years. If you know Steve Jobs, or when he met him alive, the audience want to hear it all.

Also this week, TechCrunch website even out a few never before exposed photograph of Steve Jobs. It seems that as long as you have had an overlap with Jobs, you'll be very welcome, if only for a little bit. For example, Apple's former chief executive John Sculley, who joined Apple at the invitation of Jobs in 1983, has a short honeymoon and Jobs left Apple with hatred in 1985, Created NeXT Computers. In fact, Scully was a successful executive before joining Apple. After 11 years he left from the still-profitable Apple, and in the 20 years since leaving Apple, he did quite well, but we do not know it.

Everyone wants to hear everything about Steve Jobs, what he was like and what role Scully played in forcing Jobs to leave Apple (though he refuted some speculations from outsiders). After Jobs was deported by the board for 30 years, we were still talking about it and labeled it with infighting and asked Scully to talk about the year. After all, he was involved in this matter, this is indeed a weird change.

Not only was Scully asked about Jobs, but Drobox chief executive Drew Houston was asked about his meeting with Jobs in 2009. This is not the first time Houston has answered this question. In fact, he was always asked about it. why? Because we want to hear everything about Steve Jobs's story. Everyone thinks it's definitely a fantastic experience for Houston to meet the heroes who want to buy Drobox. But he's not meeting with Jobs to discuss selling Drobox, as he said at the Web Summit conference this week. If you do not want to sell your business, do not attend the meeting. It all ended, but we still wanted to hear that because Houston had "just" met Steve Jobs for five years.

Towards the end of the Web Summit, Bono, lead singer of U2, and Dana Brunetti, card-house producer, and Eric Wahlforss, co-founder of SoundCloud Appear on the stage. Of course, they are bound to talk about the industry trend, but David Carr, the host of the conference and New York Times, asked about Bono's meeting with Jobs in France five years ago. At that time, Bono once told Jobs that iTunes looks like a spreadsheet. Bono really surprised iTunes design, after all, Jobs's requirements for Apple product design is almost harsh. Honestly, the way iTunes looks from me is the least valuable of all of its problems, but since Bono has had a face-to-face contact with Jobs, people around the world want to hear about it.

It's been more than three years since Steve Jobs's death, but his influence on the tech industry is likely to last long, and if the Web Summit gives us any inspiration, then we are eager to hear everything that has a profound impact on the tech industry Human stories, this longing may also continue.

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