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Tibbo Systems Company Released New Version of its IoT Integration Platform AggreGate 5.6
Added: 11/15/2018 - Marina Belozerova

November 15, 2018 Tibbo Systems, a leading manufacturer of IoT intelligent device management software, announced release 5.6 of AggreGate IoT Integration Platform.

In version 5.6, the AggreGate platform has become even more user-friendly and web-oriented.

AggreGate Store is our new approach to the deployment of AggreGate servers in your network. Now you can distribute your own AggreGate applications for the use in your corporate network or on public access. Download and plug in only the modules and solutions that are required for your project. Add them when necessary as your project grows. Optimize your system resources.

Flexible device driver acts as a "driver construction kit". It allows connecting devices that use proprietary protocols by performing deep configuration of the system. It eliminates the need for the development of a dedicated device driver in the Java programming language.

Welcome a new analytics tool in the AggreGate toolbox the event correlator a powerful streaming data processing engine! The correlator is designed for real-time data analyzing and processing, finding specific patterns, identifying trends and much more.

JavaScript API is a long-awaited AggreGate API for the most popular programming language. Now you can create modern web interfaces and interact with the server in the same language JavaScript.

The aggregate web interface is given the ability to function autonomously, being managed by the Tomcat web server. A web application that is deployed separately is not bound to a specific server but can connect to any other server.

The license checking process can now be centralized and automated by the integration with a license server. AggreGate server administrators no longer need to monitor and manually modify the validity period of plugins included in a license.

Other major improvements include:

New Data Table types
Memory Watchdog
Self Monitoring Dashboard
Storage Upgrade
Deeper Permission Control
UI Customization
Scaling in UI Builder
Avatar Driver

You can get detailed information on the new 5.6 release, download and try the updated AggreGate IoT Platform on our website:

Tibbo Systems
Tibbo Systems

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