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Time Limited Invitation to a Private Forex Trading Opportunity
Private institutional quality Managed Forex Provider offering the opportunity for retail investors to enjoy this benefit for the first time
Added: 01/28/2016 - Alain Prud'homme

Fortress Fund, a Private Swiss FX Fund is inviting you today to a Private FX trading opportunity with NO cost to you, and with a verified trader that beats all the traders you've seen before.

The Program is Run by a PRIVATE Swiss Account Manager Accepting Retail Clients for a Limited Time.

Are you ready to benefit from the opportunity to enjoy +23,747.65% Real Money Profit with a Professional Swiss Asset Manager that has a MyFXBook fully verifying the 3-Years of Live Account History.

We do NOT charge ANY upfront fees to our Investors, and work only on Performance Fee. When your account makes money, we take our cut.  Net gains only. We take a 15% Profit Cut.  That's it.

Winning Investors Choose VERIFIED Traders who only profit when YOU profit...

No ridiculous Trading Room, EA, Guru trader, or Signals being dispatched to you expecting you to know how to manage positions.

Most positions are closed Daily and score profits Directly to your broker account.

Full Private Invitation, MyFXBook, and Open Your Account Now:

Access the MyFXBook and Link your Trading Account to this Professional Fund...

click the link to learn more:

Site URL:
Phone: (none)
FAX: (none)
Email: Contact
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