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Ultimate Solution for Building Enclosures: The Principle of Avoiding Condensation
Added: 09/30/2015 - Marius Radoane

"Every part of a building, from soil to top roof is precise calculated base on formulas and material specific characteristics, to perform the functionality. The only element that cannot be formed to mathematical perform its functionality is the building envelope" sais the engineer Edwin Muller from BauTest.

The design of the enclosure walls is based on the principles of "Moisture Control"

Principle 1: "Keep water out of the building"

Principle 2, manage condensation "Limit indoor (in-wall) condensation and make sure condensation dries out when and where it occurs"

Principle 3: "Use moisture resistant materials"

The "Moisture Control" Principles doesn’t contain anything based on quantifiable measurements or repeatable physical phenomenon, the only thing certain is that condensation and intruding water will affect enclosures.

Fortunately, "Eureka" of Archimedes is back again…

A new principle is formulated as the essence for constructing enclosures without the Condensation Phenomenon to Occur. The principle brings new terms, new concepts and, according to the inventor will solve all problems related to building enclosures.

The first enunciation of the Principle of Avoiding Condensation, as was given by engineer Marius Radoane is:

"When differences of temperature exist, and an enclosure is interposed between the interior higher temperature and the exterior lower temperature (or vice versa), to avoid condensation, the heat flow have to convert the cold flow (heat deficit) in an insulation material or assembly without vapor diffusion or any air/vapor flow that transport warm vapors towards cold zones"

In essence and related to prior principles and practice, PAC says that condensation is avoided in Vapor-Impermeable Insulation materials or assemblies, and not by using vapor barriers in association with air/vapor permeable insulations.

The inventor explains: "Without Differences of Temperature nothing happens… an enclosure means that we want to separate two environments, the interior warm from exterior cold (or vice versa). The "Vice Versa" is very important, because this means that the enclosures that accomplish the PAC doesn’t depend on climate or season, it will function the same both on cold and hot-humid climate or season. Condensation is avoided when heat flow convert the cold flow in a Vapor-Impermeable Insulation. The heat inside of enclosure warms up the first surface in contact with vapors, so as this surface is not a condensation plane.

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