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Ultix Tair: The new generation of inflatable bike inner tube-made car roof rack
Ultix introduces Tair Rack, strongest inflatable roof rack system for effortless transport and more joyful journey.
Added: 03/04/2019 - [email protected]

Go easy with Tair Rack, the most versatile roof rack system fits most of the cars,5-minute setup, ready to go anytime, minimum storage, a better life companion.
Ultix company is launching on Kickstarter their revolutionary car roof rack system, which is made of bike inner tube, provides the strongest and safest transport experience with its light weighted feature.
"It was high time someone looked at the roof rack. They've been around for decades and yet there's been little, to any, improvement. We worked a lot with inflatable technology when we launched our wheel bags and we knew the combination of strength and a reduction in weight was the ideal answer." Frank, Ultix.
Ultix company was established in 2009 in London, in the early years, the company mainly worked on cycling gears, their first big sale was the first generation of Ultix bike travel bag, in 2014, then comes the 2nd generation of it called Ultix Jupiter EX bike travel case,itís an expandable case can fit most of the bike model make. Then the Saturn Wheel bag mentioned above. Inflatable technology is kinda becoming the thing of the Ultix Company.
Earlier last year, the idea of making a bike inner tube as the inner tank as the roof rack occurred to the product designer Frank, after working on it for almost a year, the perfect combination of tire and air, the tair rack, is finally going to meet everyone.

The inflatable roof rack is ideal for drivers who don't want to install a permanent roof rack. A newly designed product inspired by tire tube which merges functionality and convenience. Itís an amazing roof rack that helps ease your transporting in sports gear, furniture and more, itís different from all roof racks youíve ever seen.
Features of the Tair Rack:Universal SizeEffortless UseMinimum StoragePerfectly PortableInterchangeable Between CarsLight Weight80KG Load CapacityRegular Pump Required Only5-Minute InstallPerfect Stabilization No-Slip DesignAnti-Vibration
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