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Voolsy Screen launches contactless QR Code ordering as well as Tablet Digital Menus
Added: 01/01/2021 - Mitesh Patel

Digital menus have become a steady trend with COVID-19 but they have been in the industry for quite some time now. While they are much more cost-effective, safe and easy to handle, a dire need to have them brought them into the picture. Paper menus have been a traditional way in dining areas such that set methods never looked for a bold change.

Voolsy Screen, a prime digital signage software solution provider in the hospitality sector has launched QR Code menu ordering -- a contactless way of ordering that helps users get access to the menu in their phones itself. Now that enhancing safety of masses is prudent, this solution is going to be a most preferred mode for restaurants.

While restaurants are still catching up with the whirl of digitalisation that last year has bought, a few solutions like QR code based menus deserve a clear shot at being the new normal. With an estimated 11 million households in the United States expected to scan QR codes in 2020, having a QR code based menu is a necessity. †

The QR code based menu of Voolsy Screen allows menu updates within minutes with the same QR code, no dependency on the staff for diners to place orders and a streamlined dining process makes QR code based menus an easy to adapt solution. There is no major cost involved in adapting them. In fact, they help you save the cost of the reprinting of paper menus. The order placed by a diner is received in the system by staff and they can prepare orders accordingly. Diner can add items to their order as and when needed.

"Hospitality industry has evolved tremendously with COVID-19. With QR codes in the picture, restaurants are relieved of the pressure to ensure a dinerís safety. Best part is that they don't need to incur any major cost to have this solution. The Operation efficiency is enhanced as well leading to an improved dining process. Our inquiry rates have improved with this solution. Itís a win-win for us and the restaurants as well." says Smit Nebhwani, Co-Founder & CEO of Voolsy Screen.

If diners do not want to use their personal phones to access the menu and place orders, restaurants could place a tablet that can be used. It works the same way and is much better compared to having laminated paper menus. Tablet digital menus can be sanitized on a regular basis to ensure the safety of diners.

About Voolsy Screen
Voolsy Screen is a digital signage solution provider working with several sectors like Retail, healthcare, art, education, religion as well as corporates. Under the brand name Voolsy, it also offers a robust POS Solution, website ordering solution that works without third party commissions, KDS as well as canteen solutions. It holds major clientele in the States, UAE, UK and Nigeria.

Voolsy Screen
350 Rhode Island Street, Suite 240
Voolsy Screen CA 94103

Site URL:
Phone: 1 415 871 0615
FAX: (none)
Email: Contact
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