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Warning Signs of a Heart Attack and Top Ways to Prevent It
Added: 10/29/2012 - Stefanie Jeanne

Rescue Alert of California offers a premier medical alert system for seniors providing instant access to medical personnel in a medical or life-threatening emergency.

Heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Every year, more than a million people suffer from heart attack, but almost 40% of these cases go unnoticed. Heart attacks that are portrayed in movies are always the same, when a person suddenly starts clutching at his chest and falls to the floor. While this is true with a lot of cases, a heart attack will not always be as observable as this. Many people think that a chest pain is only a chest pain, but later on find out that it had been a minor heart attack. Some people donít even experience chest pain and instead have the other symptoms of a heart attack. How do you know that you are having a heart attack? Learn more about the warning signs plus find out how you can steer away from this silent killer by staying informed and healthy.

There are a variety of heart attack symptoms. Some experience only one, while others may have a combination of a few. The most common symptoms include chest pain, palpitations, cold sweat, stomach or abdominal pain, sharp pain that spreads through the shoulders and upper body and loss of balance or coordination.

Some people think that the only symptom of a heart attack is a sharp pain in the chestóas this is always what is shown in movies. Because of this, many people who suddenly experience a shortness of breath and abdominal pain think that these are not serious and delay seeking consultation. But people who are at risk of a heart attack, especially those with a family history, must always be careful and watch out for the earliest symptoms of this silent killer.

Other symptoms may last for a few minutes before disappearing, while some may appear in sporadic succession and last for as long as 30 minutes. There are also cases when people donít experience any symptom at all prior to the heart attack, which could be scarier than any other symptom.

There are many misconceptions about what happens right before you have a heart attack. But the key to getting immediate medical attention is to pay attention to your body and know all the common signs and symptoms of a heart attack. Whatís worse that having a heart attack is knowing that someone could have prevented it from happening. But while identifying the early warnings of a heart attack could be able to save your life, there are better ways to prevent it from happening altogether.

For seniors, it might be more difficult to be active and there is an alternative to always keep safe. Rescue Alert of California offers a Senior Medical Alert System, which provides the user a quick and efficient way to send for emergency help when needed. A medical alert system consists of a base unit and either a bracelet or a necklace that the user always wear. Itís also waterproof so seniors donít have to worry about taking a bath or having a shower while wearing the medical alert. Users simply push the help button on their medical alert bracelet or necklace to summons help through the base unit that is activated wirelessly. Certified trained responders communicate with the user through a 2-way communication device.

Medical alert systems are now one of the first aid choices of seniors when it comes to serious illnesses and specific conditions.

In addition to the medical alert system, Rescue Alert of California offers additional products and accessories to allow seniors to keep an independent lifestyle.

For further details and information regarding a medical alert system, please contact a Rescue Alert of California representative through the companyís website at or by phone at 888-222-2304.

Rescue Alert of California is the premiere medical alert system provider and has designed its products and services to respond with speed, accuracy, and dependability. They have specialized in elderly emergency medical alarm services for over 20 years. These extensive years of experience, engineering, and research have brought about the highest level of senior medical care.

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