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Yo Pitts Foods is expanding and has announced the launch of five new flavors
Added: 04/13/2019 - Tom Pitts

Yo Pitts Foods is expanding and has announced the launch of five new flavors

New York, April 10, 2019 – Yo Pitts Foods is a New York based company serving up healthy and delicious condiments to help make cooking gourmet quality meals much simpler. Their premium quality condiments are all-natural and made in New York.

Yo Pitts Foods expanded their line of condiments to include five new flavors which are as follows:

·         TPzzz Honey Brew Mustard

·         TPzzz Garlic Mustard

·         TPzzz Smoke Maple Mustard

·         TPzzz Tangy Mustard

·         TPzzz Sweet Ketchup

These wholesome, high quality condiments have launched just in time to make it on the menu for your spring and summer cookouts, graduation parties, bridal showers, baby showers and more. The brand has also recently begun expansion into new industries including weddings and fundraising events. With the launch of their Indiegogo campaign, Yo Pitts Foods will be able to continue the expansion of their offerings and provide their delicious and nutritious condiments to customers nationwide. The products are currently available online and in a growing number of retail shops around the country.

Tom Pitts, creator and founder of Yo Pitts Foods stated, "We are very excited to be bringing our product to market nationwide and the thought of having our condiments become a staple item for every household in America. We believe that people deserve to know exactly what is in the food that they are eating. That’s why we have dedicated our business to a high-quality standard with all-natural ingredients."

Yo Pitts Foods has dedicated itself to providing support to other local businesses and the community. With their partnerships with many other local New York area businesses, they are able to source a majority of their ingredients locally. Pitts is very involved in the local community and alongside his team, he participates in local activities to help the area thrive.



To view and contribute to our Indiegogo campaign, please visit:


With Indiegogo, you have the opportunity to support entrepreneurs and new technology from the earliest stages of development.

Yo Pitts Foods

Yo Pitts Foods is a New York-based company. Founded in 2015, Yo Pitts! Foods is the brainchild of creator and founder Tom Pitts. This creation was brought to life while Tom was sourcing the ingredients for his approved soap patent. On a quest for all-natural and wholesome ingredients, Tom discovered ingredients that satisfied his love for flavorful food. Combining these ingredients and flavored condiments was how Yo Pitts! Foods was formed. Yo Pitts! Foods now has 12 variations of favors within its ketchup and mustard lines. These condiments are perfect for gourmet and everyday meals, as well as beer and wine pairings. Yo Pitts! Foods has made its way to homes across the country through its website and is now available in many online marketplaces and a growing number of retail shops. For more information about Yo Pitts! Foods, please visit
Yo Pitts Foods  2266 5th Ave, unit 834  New York  NY  10037

Yo Pitts Foods
Yo Pitts Foods

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