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Deep Sea - Deep Space Connection Explored at Oregon Coast Aquarium
 Added: 06/27/2002 -

NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory provided information about the Deep Space Network, the international network of large-dish antennas supporting interplanetary spacecraft missions. The exhibit also illustrates radio and radar astronomy observations in the exploration of our solar system and the universe, including northern lights above the ear . . .     read more >>

 Added: 06/21/2002 -

One hundred subjects were randomly assigned to either the placebo or the active product group. The study design included a regime of moderate exercise, a low refined carbohydrate diet, and a dietary supplement. Blood pressure check and weight were checked bi-weekly throughout the six-week trial. Thirty-six subjects on product and thirty-two subject . . .     read more >>

TherapeuticAdvances - 29th May
 Added: 05/30/2002 -

************************************** TherapeuticAdvances 29th May 2002 Free log-on at ************************************** Another two weeks have passed, and once again our TherapeuticAdvances selection team has identified a series of publications cons . . .     read more >>

Therapeutic Advances: May 15th
 Added: 05/23/2002 -

Oncology generally features heavily in Therapeutic Advances, however this week there is a distinct cardiovascular feel to selected publications. The field of angiogenesis has gained much attention over the previous two decades and has formed an interface between cardiovascular and oncology research. This interface now seems to be expanding as a res . . .     read more >>

Hitting cancer where it hurts: Mixed opioid somatostatin ligands as tomorrow's anti-cancer targe
 Added: 02/25/2002 -

Target identification specialists at LeadDiscovery, the drug discovery, development and transfer consultants, have recently focused on a series of compounds that fits just this profile. Human breast cancers have long been known to express somatostatin SSTR2 receptors and indeed this has been exploited by companies looking for improved way . . .     read more >>


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