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Thousands of plants & flowers can't be wrong. But please don't tell your neighbors!
 Added: 06/07/2005 -

Especially when they're incorporated into a website that is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your gardening efforts. Well, since every person is different, the only way for you to really know is to head over to and see for yourself. The site promises to "Bring out the Green Thumb in You.& . . .     read more >> Provides Overview of Gatlinburg Cabins
 Added: 06/06/2005 -

In recent years Gatlinburg has become even more popular as both a vacation spot for families and a romantic getaway for lovers. Ideally located, Gatlinburg is within a day's drive for fifty percent of American citizens. Vacation options include single and double occupancies, larger family-oriented plans, and exclusive wedding and honeymoon pack . . .     read more >>

Will Hatred Ever End?
 Added: 06/06/2005 -

The victims are usually unknown to their assailants. Their only "crime" is that they perhaps belong to the "other side." In a macabre trade-off, such deaths may be a reprisal for some previous atrocity or a form of "ethnic cleansing." Each round of violence serves to fan the flames of hatred between the hostile groups. . . .     read more >>

 Added: 06/06/2005 -

As the Gay Capital of the North, Blackpool attracts many hundreds of thousands of gay and lesbian visitors each year, and for many of them this is their first experience of a gay scene. Like a magnet, it attracts both young and old alike, and until now there has been nowhere that these people could readily seek information, help or advice on gay is . . .     read more >>

Website claims Romania to be one of the most beautiful European travel destinations
 Added: 06/05/2005 -

Nestled between Eastern European countries such as Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova and the Ukraine, Romania is a country that defies the mafia-ridden stereotype. Breaking from the closed, counterfeit information model of former communist marketing, encourages the travelers to share their story, to show others what t . . .     read more >>

Christendom's political leaders love to be seen in church
 Added: 06/05/2005 -

"May your hands not drop down. Jehovah your God is in the midst of you. As a mighty One, he will save.""ťZEPHANIAH 3:16, 17. ZEPHANIAH'S prophecy pointed far beyond its first fulfillment in the seventh and sixth centuries‚ B.C.E.‚ In his commentary on Zephaniah, Professor C.‚ F.‚ Keil wrote: "Zephaniah's prophecy .‚ .‚ . . .     read more >>

"Staying Alive Until 1975" My Story of Growing Up Jehovah Witness With Severe Ulcerative C
 Added: 06/04/2005 -

It was in 1967 at age 10 when i heard the Watchtower (Jehovah's Witnesses) announce the end of the world was coming in 1975.With the same vivid recall i also remember where i was when i heard that President John Kennedy was assassinated. Young Jehovah's Witness men were being sent to prison for refusing to serve in the Vietnam war and i would jus . . .     read more >>

World's first online memory course for everyone.
 Added: 06/03/2005 -

Whenever we forget a name, miss an appointment, struggle to learn for an exam or feel the terror rise in us at the thought of speaking from memory, we wish we had a memory we could feel confident about. Everything we do is controlled by memory, and everything could be done better, if only we could take control of what's going on between our ears. . . .     read more >>

Remember to have a life...
 Added: 06/03/2005 -

The average British couple only spends 26 minutes of the day relaxing with each other away from the television. The figures, from the Office of National Statistics, show that only 20% of people's time is spent doing things with their partner. The main shared activity is watching TV, which takes up an average of 54 minutes a day. Eating and hous . . .     read more >>

LGC Group Holdings plc announces new Chief Executive
 Added: 04/12/2005 -

Dr Richard Worswick, who led the management buy-out of LGC nine years ago, moves from Chief Executive to become Deputy Chairman. Ian Kent continues as Chairman of LGC, Europe‚´s leading independent analytical laboratory. Ian Kent said: "We are very pleased to announce this appointment and believe that Nigel will help maintain the continued . . .     read more >>


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