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New GetPixit Combines Screen Capturing, Managing and Real Time Image Sharing   new
 Added: 07/08/2019 - Preet Dubla

Palo Alto, California - Vantiff LLC is excited to announce the launch of GetPixit - an innovative all-in-one screen capturing software that uniquely combines screen capturing, managing and real time sharing of images into one breakthrough product that supports complete collaboration. With the increase in the capturing, annotating and sharing images . . .     read more >>

Macrosoft Achieves ISO 9001 Recertification   new
Macrosoft is pleased to announce that Macrosoft has passed its ISO 9001 -  Added: 07/02/2019 - John

Macrosoft is pleased to announce that Macrosoft has passed its ISO 9001 - Continuous Assessment audit and is being recommended to keep the ISO 9001 certification for another year. This is a significant accomplishment in Macrosoft's mission to offer services to our client's with the highest level of quality in everything we do from our inter . . .     read more >>

PCI Expert Summit in San Diego   new
 Added: 06/28/2019 - RSI SECURITY

Network with and learn from the foremost experts in the Payment Card Industry (PCI) at RSI Security's PCI Expert Summit this October, while also obtaining Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credits.Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2019Time: 12 PM - 6 PMLocation: Marina Village Conference Center1936 Quivira Way, San Diego, CA, 92109 | Parking is pro . . .     read more >>

Emotions Recognition by Xeoma video surveillance software helps companies raise profits   new
Modern video surveillance software can be a powerful video analytics, optimization and marketing tool. A bright example is Xeoma's AI-based Emotions Recognition -  Added: 06/11/2019 - Felenasoft Company

Xeoma video surveillance software has long acquired a worldwide status of a bestseller that makes security available to everyone, with both its affordable prices and intuitive user-friendly visual interface. Besides, Xeoma ( ) has been recently complemented with new smart modules that utilize the best of artificial intelligence . . .     read more >>

Achieve Speed and Control with Artificial Intelligence Driven Contract Management   new
Artificial Intelligence -  Added: 06/06/2019 -

Artificial intelligence is one of the most popular and often overused buzz words in the tech world today. But when it comes to contract management, it's more than just a buzz word. It's the next level of sophistication in technology that is all set to transform contract management as we know it. It is what is going to enable businesses to a . . .     read more >>

Set up a dual-boot and multi-boot environment with a boot manager   new
BootIt is a boot manager designed for dual-boot and multi-boot environments. It's available for both standard BIOS systems and the modern UEFI firmware. -  Added: 05/30/2019 - David F.

Terabyte is proud to announce the launch of its latest editions of BootIt, version 1.09 for UEFI systems and 1.57 for the traditional computer BIOS. Both editions include several minor fixes and improvements to enhance the reliability of your dual-boot and multi-boot systems. With the new BootIt collection, which includes both versions, users can r . . .     read more >>

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 4.50 adds data export support, allows evidence analysis in external tools   new
Elcomsoft Phone Viewer is updated to enable the exporting of digital evidence collected from iOS device backups, iCloud and file system images to MS Excel. -  Added: 05/29/2019 - Vladimir Katalov

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer receives an update to support data exporting. The exporting of digital evidence is supported for information obtained from iOS devices including local and cloud backups, iCloud synchronized data and file system images obtained as a result of physical acquisition. The data can be exported directly to files in Microsoft Excel f . . .     read more >>

Paragon Kingdom Arena, the Next-Gen MOBA is now available on iOS/Android   new
 Added: 05/19/2019 - [email protected]

Paragon Kingdom: Arena, the next-generation Strategic RTS/MOBA game launches on Android and iOS! Take on players across the globe in real-time PvP battles where you control every movement and action of your heroes!A MOBA game that finally grants players control of multiple heroes at the same time, with the new Pinch and Drag control scheme.Nexus Me . . .     read more >>

PureVPN's first major product release of Q1, 2019 is finally here!   new
We have put countless hours to turn YOUR ideas into reality! A makeover to the dedicated IP feature, ease of use and more improvements are part of this release. -  Added: 05/08/2019 - Zohaib S

We are very excited to announce the new features and improvements we have made based solely on your feedback. Meet the cool updates in PureVPN for Windows v.7.0.3:1. IP Address Shown on the Connected ScreenWe got rid of the displayed IP address on the app Dashboard in an effort to enhance your privacy. Yet, realizing how useful this information is . . .     read more >>

WidsMob FilmPack Renders Emotional Impact and Analogs Film Effects to Make Your Photo Special   new
Render Emotional Impact to Digital Photos and Discover the Magic of Analog Film. -  Added: 05/05/2019 - Claire White

WidsMob FilmPack applies stunning analog photo filters for photos of Digital cameras and smartphones. It helps photographers make analog photos more attractive with colors, contrast, and gain. There are 4 different color rendition profiles, 28 types of camera profiles, 15 options for color modes, and 25 film gain profiles. Users can find a suitable . . .     read more >>


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