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 Added: 11/21/2006 - Arthur Roodenburg

QUEST3D VERSION 3.6 RELEASE November 21, Leiden, The Netherlands, version 3.6 of Quest3D™ is now available from Quest3D resellers and the Quest3D website. With the new version Act-3D™, the creators of Quest3D, introduce interesting features such as HDR rendering, water simulation, improved support for VR equipment, a better web plug-in an . . .     read more >>

Worried About Your Social Security Number Getting Out?
Equally Identifying Phone Records Now Available Through People Search Web Site -  Added: 11/16/2006 - Anthony Cohn

Sacramento, CA November 16, 2006-With the number of identity theft cases increasing world wide each year, the last thing that many people want to happen is for their social security number to be found out. However, a person's phone number, an equally unique and identifying number, is not only available online but now can be used to locate someo . . .     read more >>

BioLink enhances another medical application with its fingerprint biometrics
BioLink Solutions announces implementation of its fingerprint biometrics in Clinical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia. From now on, users of a medical information center Thorax.6 implemented in this hospital are being identified with their fingerprints when lo -  Added: 10/18/2006 - Voronina Natalia

Thorax.6 is an Internet application, designed in an ASP.NET environment and accessed by users via Internet Explorer on the HTTPS protocol. Users of the application are: doctors accessing their personal computers, organizers and desk computers in medical rooms; nurse personnel (nurses, physiotherapists) accessing the application via the computer in . . .     read more >>

NTI Introduces XTENDEX DVI Extender via CAT5
Network Technologies Inc announces the addition of the XTENDEX™ DVI Extender via CAT5 to its popular line of extenders. The DVI Extender transmits single link digital DVI video up to 150 feet away from a DVI source using two CAT5 & 5e/6 cables. -  Added: 10/13/2006 - Deepa Nair

AURORA, OH: Network Technologies Inc announces the addition of the XTENDEX™ DVI Extender via CAT5 to its popular line of extenders. The DVI Extender transmits single link digital DVI video up to 150 feet away from a DVI source using two CAT5/5e/6 cables. Each video extender consists of a local unit that connects to a DVI source and also supplies vi . . .     read more >>

BioLink advances its OEM-offerings for access control applications
 Added: 10/11/2006 - Voronina Natalia

BioLink Solutions announces the release of an advanced driver designed for connection, customization and operation of BioLink U-Match Ethernet, which is a mountable high-quality biometric network device with the Ethernet interface and an OEM-product for manufacturers of access control systems. BioLink U-Match Ethernet is able to perform both f . . .     read more >>

Cyrious Software to Debut Its New Screen Printing Management Software at the SGI
 Added: 09/29/2006 - Connie Hamlin

Cyrious Software 12627-C Jefferson Hwy Baton Rouge, LA 70816 For Immediate Release Aug. 29th, 200 Cyrious Software to Debut Its New Screen Printing Management Software at the SGIA 06 Conference in Las Vegas Cyrious Software, a leading provider of quoting and business management systems for the sign, graphics, and printing indus . . .     read more >>

CRM solution provider scoops international award for customer care
 Added: 09/25/2006 - jon wilkins

avrion has retained an international award for the quality of their customer care in 2006. Competing against over 250 other providers of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), the award is a major recognition of the quality of the company's service. Sales & marketing director . . .     read more >>

BioLink reaches out for biometric T&A customers
BioLink Solutions announces the upcoming advertising campaign targeted at potential customers for its biometric time management system – BioTime. The campaign starts in September 1, 2006 and is valid through December 25, 2006. -  Added: 09/06/2006 - Natalia Voronina

BioTime is an advanced time and attendance system enrolling fingerprints of the company employees, recording employees' arrival and departure events, and analyzing the information on the actually worked hours. Able to generate various reports, BioTime is a helpful tool for the top managers to increase the efficiency of their business by streaml . . .     read more >>

BioLink solution made compatible with the Citrix platform
BioLink Solutions announces successful development and implementation of the custom application allowing for biometric identification of users on the CITRIX platform. The custom application was developed and integrated for the global pharmaceutical compa -  Added: 08/11/2006 - Voronina Natalia

The project is intended for biometric integration with the QECG (Quintiles Centralized Electrocardiogram) service. It is an advanced application designed to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies analyze ECG data from clinical trials and use digital ECG data in submissions to regulatory authorities. The QECG application is built on the cli . . .     read more >>

BioLink releases a biometric product supporting smart-card readers
BioLink Solutions announces the release of the new version of BioLink Software Development Kit (BSDK) – v. 5.2. The key feature of the new BSDK compared to the previous versions is the support for a biometric scanner combined with a smart card reader als -  Added: 08/11/2006 - Natalia Voronina

BSDK 5.2 is a set of tools for independent developers and system integrators to integrate BioLink biometric identification into their applications by using the following functions: scanning fingerprints, converting the obtained fingerprint images into digital templates and matching the live fingerprint produced to the template stored in the databas . . .     read more >>


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