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Did Jimmy Carter Withold Information on a 1956 UFO Incident?
 Added: 10/04/2006 - R. J. Thomas

In 1973, Jimmy Carter, then the governor of Georgia, filed a form with the NICAP to report a UFO sighting. Carter said that if he became president, he would make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public. But this was not to be. And one of the UFO incidents that the government continued to hold from the . . .     read more >>

Controversial Novel Coined "Spiritual Thriller"
WAKING GOD may have created a new literary genre! -  Added: 09/24/2006 - Philip Harris

David Ausema of says, "WAKING GOD is not an easy book to pin down in a couple of words. It's a thriller, but doesn't seem quite comfortable in that category. It's definitely a religious book, but not of any of the established religions, and in fact quite opposed to them. It's likely to appeal to many of the Da V . . .     read more >>

Hollywood in Wisconsin?
New Movie Studio forming in Wisconsin -  Added: 09/22/2006 - Paul McDowell

A small group of filmmakers, actors and crew Are in the process of creating a movie studio that can complete all of the aspects of filmmaking "in-house". We are currently working on productions for a trade show and a non-profit Museum and have three movie projects lined up for 2007. We expect to create 50 new jobs in the first year with t . . .     read more >>

Spielberg Films Target of Parody in UFO Mockrumentary
 Added: 09/12/2006 - R. J. Thomas

Steven Spielberg has said that he believes in life on other planets, and several of his movies make his statements on the subject easy to believe. Mr. Spielberg's outer space work is the subject of parody in "The Top Secret UFO Project," filmmaker R. J. Thomas' spoof of UFO documentaries. In "Close Encounters of the Thir . . .     read more >>

WAKING GOD "...could make 'Da Vinci Code' look like a church hymn."
New novel, WAKING GOD, beginning to cause a stir! -  Added: 09/04/2006 - Philip Harris

The Sun Journal in Lewiston, Maine said in its September 3, 2006 PERSPECTIVE HEADLINE, "WAKING GOD, New novel by Maine writer co-creates a theory for everything that could ignite a religious backlash that could make 'The Da Vinci Code' look like a church hymn. The new controversial novel is co-authored by Brian Doe and Philip Harr . . .     read more >>

Did MacArthur's Prediction of Alien War Nearly Come True?
 Added: 08/24/2006 - R. J. Thomas

In 1955, General Douglas MacArthur predicted that the next war would be an interplantary war. Did the mighty general's prediction nearly come true less than a year later? It did according to "The Top Secret UFO Project," filmmaker R. J. Thomas' parody of UFO documentaries. "Many prominent people have believed in UFOs,&qu . . .     read more >>

Estonian Festival of Song empowers its people
 Added: 08/24/2006 - Pamela Faye

Even to this day the beautiful country of Estonia in Eastern Europe lifts its people through the Festival of Song. A power that will ultimately bring Peace to the world? Charles Ehin can only hope and pray that his message of 'Aftermath' is heard. 'Aftermath' is an autobiography. It is the story of Kalev Ehin's life after t . . .     read more >>

Novel 'Plague' Looks At Future Possible Pandemic
 Added: 08/19/2006 - Jeremiah Donaldson

INVERNESS, FL--Jeremiah Donaldson announces publication of his first novel 'Plague' in conjunction with Lulu Enterprises, the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books. In 'Plague'(ISBN:1-4116-7604-1) humanity tries to survive as a new airborne strain of Ebola takes hold on the world while those best able to . . .     read more >>

Angel Whisperes, a new kind of poetry by Jerome Atputhasingam
Simple, and elegant -  Added: 08/04/2006 - Jerome Atputhasingam

A New Kind of Poetr Fairfield, CA-Aug , 2006-Jerome Atputhasingam, a recent graduate of Fairfield High School, has published a thought provoking poetry book tackling one of humanity's greatest sought after treasure: Love. Angel Whisperers presents a collection of thoughts exploring the layers of emotion normally defining the human con . . .     read more >>

UFO Mockrumentary Lampoons Roswell Weather Balloon Theory
 Added: 08/03/2006 - R. J. Thomas

The Roswell UFO Incident began in July of 1947 when a rancher discovered a large amount of unusual debris scattered across one of his fields. Many believed it to be the remains of a flying saucer crash, but the government quickly told the press that the discovery was the tattered remains of a fallen weather balloon that went down about 75 miles fro . . .     read more >>


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