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Fictional memoir captures nostalgia, innocence, freedom of youth   new
 Added: 04/15/2017 - Rutherford Rankin

Anything goes in the Aldridge family and their tale is shared in a new book by Ivan Jenson from Michelkin Publishing set to be released April 28, 2017.“Gypsies of New Rochelle” is a fictional memoir set in New Rochelle, New York, circa 1980. Seventeen-year-old Shawn Aldridge is the baby of the family and as his siblings find their own forms of grea . . .     read more >>

The Bacchanal is now available as an audiobook from Dreaming Big Publications!   new
The Bacchanal and Other Horrific Tales will give you a front-row seat to supernatural occurrences, psychological thrills, and events you never saw coming. -  Added: 04/05/2017 - Kristi King-Morgan

A babysitting job gone horribly wrong. An artist whose love for his wife has horrific results. A talent agency that promises success no matter what, even if you are the one standing in the way.Humanity's fear of the unknown and fascination with the supernatural are masterfully depicted in these eleven stories featuring authors such as Donald Mc . . .     read more >>

Powerful New Science Fiction Novel:   new
Breakthrough Science Fiction Novel set in Space -  Added: 04/03/2017 - Andrew Szava-Kovats

"Time Editors" - new Science Fiction Novel - sets stage for trilogy.Combines Spy Thriller with Space Adventure.By the Author of "In Case of Memory, Break Glass" and many others.Coming soon to Amazon, Audible and Kindle.Pre-Order Paperback at . . .     read more >>

Service Goat is now available as an audiobook from Dreaming Big Publications!   new
Written by bestselling author Piers Anthony, Service Goat is the story of a blind little girl and her extraordinary service animal. This audiobook is now available through Audible and iTunes. -  Added: 03/29/2017 - Kristi King-Morgan

About the Book:Orphaned and blind seven-year-old Callie has a service animal - a goat with extraordinary powers.Ben Hemoth is a down-on-his luck news reporter facing prison. Needing to save his job and his reputation, he teams up with Venus, a young seductress caught up with a teenage drug gang. When a mysterious letter arrives detailing a top-secr . . .     read more >>

Exciting New Collection of Short Fiction:   new
Out now in paperback, Kindle, audiobook at Amazon -  Added: 03/07/2017 - Andrew Szava-Kovats

People are talking about this exciting new collection of Short Fiction:"In Case of Memory, Break Glass" (Why I don't like to remember anything.)Memories are by nature unreal, untrue, inaccurate. They are only mental constructs that we use to organize our experiences. Some are cherished, some frightening, some lost. But they are the only reality . . .     read more >>

Poet to the Poor is now available as an audiobook from Dreaming Big Publications!   new
Poet to the Poor: Poetry for the Bottom One Percent consists of poetry written for those subjected to poverty, racism, and other forms of social injustice. -  Added: 02/14/2017 - Kristi King-Morgan

In Poet to the Poor Kaniecki defies both the politics of the day and the modern style of poetry. His poems are written in a wide variety of styles, and rhyming is prominent. Passion and purpose abounds in these words. With over forty of the poems previously published, this work constitutes the best of Kaniecki, including the award-winning poem Tea . . .     read more >>

Natural Power, Clean Energy in New York   new
The Story of the New York Power Authority, its History and Mission -  Added: 01/30/2017 - Alex Dake

While new developments in renewable energy technologies are being announced almost daily and climate change continues to be a hot topic with a new president in the White House, it is worth having a look at New York's illustrious history with energy: the first central power plant in the U.S. was built in Manhattan in 1882; the first transmission . . .     read more >>

Have an itch to write? Need inspiration? Enter our calls for submission   new
Dreaming Big Publications is currently accepting submissions for several short story collections, which range from science fiction to historical fiction. Some collections will offer payment. -  Added: 01/18/2017 - Kristi King-Morgan

Looking for a new story idea? Want to get published? We have the perfect opportunity for you: Dreaming Big Publications is hosting an open call for submissions to fill several short story collections. Have an interest in science fiction? Try your hand at our Fresh Starts collection, which examines the creation or destruction of a planet and the lif . . .     read more >>

New Release! Hair Suite, the newest novella from bestselling author Piers Anthony   new
Piers Anthony, critically acclaimed author of the New York Times bestselling Xanth series, shows off his signature originality and wit in this entertaining and inventive sequel to Hair Power. -  Added: 12/31/2016 - Kristi King-Morgan

In this sequel to Hair Power, Quiti and the rest of the Hair Suits have just set up the Hair Suite, the embassy of the alien Hair Balls, when they learn they have competition. Alien cyborgs called Chip Monks want to win Earth for themselves. The two species must duel for control. These rivals discover a third alien species that threatens to destroy . . .     read more >>

New Release: Rock, Scissors, Paper: The Clifford Olson Murders from Dreaming Big Publications   new
This collection of poetry written by Richard Stevenson examines the motives of Clifford Olson, an infamous serial killer, and gives a voice to the children he murdered. -  Added: 12/03/2016 - Kristi King-Morgan

In the early 1980s, serial killer Clifford Olson rampaged through the lower mainland of British Columbia, raping and murdering eleven victims. His heinous cash-for-bodies deal foreshortened his trial, and resulted in the law currently on Canadian books that forbids criminals from benefiting financially from their crimes. Olson was just the pimple o . . .     read more >>


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