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One in the Moreton Eye for Special Educational Needs
 Added: 07/12/2005 - Kirstie Lee

MEDIA RELEASE 12th July 2005 ONE IN THE MORETON EYE FOR SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS A children's charity based at Moreton Eye in North Herefordshire will be the focus of an effort to raise the profile of Conductive Education in the political arena this week. Staff and parents of children attending Megan Baker House will present their loc . . .     read more >>

uCertify Launches Exam Simulation on the new Network+ Exam N10-003
 Added: 07/12/2005 - Roger Stuart

The new PrepKit has been developed strictly according to the new exam objectives and provides the candidates adequate resources for the preparation of the new Network+ exam. The PrepKit offers 4 highly realistic simulation tests, which include 315 questions with 125 exhaustive explanations and study notes. Additionally, for a limited time, uCertify . . .     read more >>

Day Trading article .... Timing High - Momentum Stocks, using Patterns & Tape Reading
 Added: 07/12/2005 - Conrad T. Wilson

It's not unsual to see a stock rise more than 15% in less than 5 minutes on a good momentum day. The problem is, that if you don't know what stocks to look for and how to approach them and simply leave everyting to luck, you could end up wasting money instead of making your profits grow. That's why the most important aspect of momentum trading is . . .     read more >>

How technology may help shape the future of education
 Added: 07/11/2005 - Tara Morris

"The main part of the project used established pedagogical theories, such as the activity theory and the theory of expansive learning in a normal school environment. Of course we used technology to support this," says Dr Costas Davarakis, project manager at Systema Technologies, the coordinating company for the IST-programme funded [email protected] . . .     read more >>

IIPM: More truth about IIPM
 Added: 07/09/2005 - Tapan

IIPM IIPM IIPM IIPM IIPM IIPM IIPM IIPM About IIPM IIPM was set up in the year 1973 and since then, has grown to become one of the most respected business schools in South Asia. The MBA, BBA, Fellowship & Executive Education programs of IIPM along with the GOTA (Global Opportunities & Threats Analysis) programs supported by organizations like U . . .     read more >>

Savvy Students Spend Summers Planning Science Fair Projects
 Added: 07/08/2005 - Madeline Binder

"Students succeed in completing their projects by picking a topic that is interesting to them," she says. "The lazy days of summer are perfect for exploring all kinds of different subjects, from bugs to clouds." She also suggests getting inspiration by looking at previous projects that students in their school have created. . . .     read more >>

When it Comes to Politics, Reactions are Often Instant
 Added: 05/25/2005 -

A study published in the latest issue of Political Psychology reports on "hot cognition." The authors find that citizens instantly, in the milliseconds after being exposed to a political concept that they have previously been introduced to, feel a negative or positive affect. Their research posits that all political leaders, groups, issue . . .     read more >>

Did You Know That Most Problems Have Been Solved Before?
 Added: 03/15/2005 -

the wheel? [IMechE] 11 March, 2005 -- TRIZ - An Introduction to Creative Problem Solving One day practical workshop 9th June 2005 By providing tools which structure the thought process, TRIZ empowers engineers with creativity and innovation. The TRIZ tools and methodology mak . . .     read more >>


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