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Online Stepfamily Group Predicts Peaceful Homes in 2006
 Added: 12/13/2005 - Nicole L. Weyant

With over 1300 new stepfamilies forming every day, its important to know that peace is possible, if not probable, in the coming year. Thanks to growing outlets for real-time support available online, stepparents and their spouses can literally connect "when it works for them" with countless others who have "been there", to learn . . .     read more >>

Debt Free Website Launched By
 Added: 12/09/2005 - Jennifer Bailey

A debt free lifestyle means having financial security and independent wealth with no monthly debt. One has to control their spending if they want to become free from debt. A family will enjoy living in a debt free environment through savings, investments, and charitable donations. The safety of the family also depends upon family's attent . . .     read more >>

Sermons Website Launched By
 Added: 12/09/2005 - Marcus Peterson

Living a fast-track life style today, people need a lot of spiritual guidance to lead peaceful lives. As people's lives become increasingly digitally-oriented, they are left with increasingly less time to spend on daily morning walks, weekend outings and places of worship. There is a remedy, in the form of audio sermons that can be listened to . . .     read more >>

Tax Attorneys Website Launched By
 Added: 12/09/2005 - Max Bellamy

Tax attorney jobs are available in the fields of business, income, property, estate, and international taxes. Apart from a proper degree in taxation law, experience is also crucial. While a majority of tax attorneys in the US have a private practice, some attorneys work as advisors and prosecutors on behalf of the government. Tax debt attorne . . .     read more >>

Parents Lounge relieves the stress of parenthood
 Added: 12/04/2005 - Steve Masters

Parents Lounge relieves the stress of parenthood Parents have a hard enough time managing the home, raising a family and keeping their sanity in check, so a new website has been launched to give them something to smile about and a shoulder to cry on at the same time. Founded in early November 2005, the website already has more than 500 members, . . .     read more >>

Christmas Forum
 Added: 11/30/2005 - Santa-Claus

Finally we have big news now - the christmas community XMas-Board is starting into action immediately after a long time "sleeping". We had our focus on the German Weihnachtsforum in the past year and now the German XMas-Forum is running very well and we had the time to start off the English Forum as well - like the German one it will g . . .     read more >> Highlights the Benefits of Comfort-Fit Wedding Rings
 Added: 11/27/2005 - Eric Morris

The comfort-fit style is especially recommended for bands than are 5 mm or wider. It is also recommended for men, because the special design makes it easier to slide over a large knuckle and because it is also more comfortable once it is on. also tells us that it is important to consider how often the band will be worn w . . .     read more >> Announces Holiday Special - Free Shipping
 Added: 11/22/2005 - Doug Nyren

One of the best ways to save money on purchases is to buy online. This is especially true when expecting a new baby as related costs can add up very quickly. Some consumers consider finding quality online goods akin to searching for a needle in a haystack, but in reality, they simply lack the knowledge of where to look. In today's market there . . .     read more >>

Re-telling the Christmas Story through the eyes of the Holy Family
 Added: 11/18/2005 - Geoffrey Philp

Twelve Poems and A Story for Christmas explores the meaning of the holy days through the lives of characters who are as near to us as our breath, and whose struggles with faith, doubt, and redemption, are as real as our own. Emphasizing the humanity of its biblical and contemporary characters, the poems depict Mary and Joseph as a newlywed coupl . . .     read more >>

Bad Credit Credit Cards
 Added: 11/14/2005 - Blake Hendrickson

The following are some important terms to consider that generally must be disclosed in credit card applications or in solicitations that require no application. You also may want to ask about these terms when you're shopping for bad credit credit cards. Annual Percentage Rate. The APR is a measure of the cost of credit, expressed as a yearl . . .     read more >>


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