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10 Things You Didnt Know About Signs of Infidelity
 Added: 10/10/2005 - Ruth Houston

1. Telltale signs first begin to appear while the infidelity is still in the planning stage. 2. Most cheaters display subtle signs of infidelity they aren't even aware of, and wouldn't even think to cover up. 3. Most people either miss or misinterpret the many subtle signs of infidelity staring them in the face. 4. If you know what t . . .     read more >> Describes the Benefits of Personalized Wedding Favors
 Added: 10/10/2005 - Kevin Stith

A wedding favor can be personalized to commemorate the wedding day or the individual it's presented to. Wedding supply stores offer items that can be ordered with monograms added at manufacture, which is more cost effective than having them added after the purchase. Most stainless steel items produced as wedding favors such as letter openers an . . .     read more >>

Nine Signs That Your Spouse Is Cheating Online
 Added: 09/30/2005 - Bill Mitchell

Let's look at typical indicators I personally discovered while investigating affairs. If your marriage is in trouble, these clues will help you be the judge. Caution: These clues are not confirmation of an affair; rather, they're just feasible indicators for you take into account. 1. Your spouse or partner spends excess time online. Who doesn . . .     read more >>

Falling in Love for the Last Time
 Added: 08/28/2005 - Renee VonDreckmann

It is a two step process; marry the right person and then keep the fires of passion burning. Both are challenging in and of themselves. However, if we are successful in choosing the right person, then the second step is not as difficult to accomplish. Skye Thomas of Tomorrow's Edge has been teaching folks how to do both. Her articles about roma . . .     read more >>

Jehovah's Witnesses PBS Film KNOCKING Omits the Facts
 Added: 08/10/2005 - Danny Haszard

Having been born and raised a Jehovah's Witness, I was interested to learn recently of your upcoming PBS film KNOCKING. I've long been a fan and supporter of PBS for its superior and informative programming, and my email to you is in the spirit of keeping up PBS's high standards. -- Alan Feurbacher's email to Joel Engardia of H . . .     read more >>

 Added: 08/05/2005 - Alphonse Mpeke

I am soliciting your support today because I decided to take drastic decision of my life. I start a hunger strike this morning after talking with my children social worker Mr. Christopher Petersen. I can take the game any more. This case needs to be scrutinised in a public arena and have an open a debate on the policies concerning contact and custo . . .     read more >>

"Best Interests of the Children"
 Added: 07/29/2005 - James Deuchars

"Best Interests of the Children" What does this mean? 1) Is it when a child is torn away from it's granny, the only mother it has know for years, just because a new woman comes into the fathers life and is determined to rule the roost. The devastation caused here is tremendous; ask any psychologist what the effect is on a ch . . .     read more >>

Scottish new Family Law Proposals
 Added: 07/13/2005 - James Deuchars

Reversal of the Family Decline The Scottish Executive must be congratulated on setting up The Social Work Inspection Agency, an independent watchdog making Social Workers accountable, to ensure they work in the best interests of the children they are dealing with. (Daily Record, Wednesday June 1st 2005). The blame of family breakdown lies sq . . .     read more >>


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