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Foundmoney helps residents of NY track down the increased numbers of unclaimed property accounts   new
 Added: 02/22/2012 - Palonek

The New York State Comptroller is the State's custodian of abandoned property. His responsibility is to safe guard the unclaimed property until its rightful owner(s) comes forward. Unclaimed property is used by states to help pay state expenses and states, such as New York,are becoming more creative in ways to find new sources of revenue. While unc . . .     read more >>

Palonek Reminds Americans Not to Forget $1.1 Billion in IRS Tax Refunds for Claiming   new
 Added: 02/07/2012 - Edward Palonek

Americans not filing a Tax Return in 2012, will not be able to make a claim for the approximately $1.1 billion of refunds that are unclaimed from the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”). In fact, the IRS states that there are 1.1 million Americans that would be entitled to these funds but who still have not filed their 2007 tax returns. They ne . . .     read more >>

Palonek Reminds Residents Of Texas To Collect Their Unclaimed Property   new
 Added: 09/01/2011 - Edward Palonek

It's never too late to claim part of the $2.2 billion in unclaimed property currently being held by the Texas Comptroller's office.In fact, according to the Comptrollers office in Texas, “One if four Texans has money and items from old bank accounts, royalty and payroll checks, insurance policies, safe-deposit boxes and other sources.” On . . .     read more >>

Congress Accused Of Procrastinating On Mind Control Hearings   new
Victims Ignored By Senate And Representative Subcommittees -  Added: 08/06/2011 - Debra Hunter

The survivors of the CIA's notorious mind control programs under Project Paperclip continue to push for hearings in the last few months to restart where they left off in 1995/6. They want to bare testimony in Congress on what kinds of damages the programs have done to their lives. They also accuse the news media of cover ups. One of the survivors . . .     read more >>

Harrow East MP, Bob Blackman's expenses   new
 Added: 07/30/2011 - Jonathan

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) recently published the annualised information on MPs' expenses and costs, for the period 2010-11.So, when we at the Impeach Bob Blackman campaign, analysed the figures released for all London MPs; we were unsurprised to see that Harrow East MP, Bob Blackman produced the highest Travel and Sub . . .     read more >>

Dr. Homoud resigns from IIMSAM in Protest of Prisoner becoming Goodwill Ambassador   new
 Added: 07/10/2011 - Farrukh Khan

Dr. Nasser Homoud, the Goodwill Ambassador and Director of Middle East office for the Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Micro-algae Spirulina against Malnutrition (IIMSAM) has handed in his resignation in protest of the appointment of Mr. Khalid Shaheen, who he has termed as “a prisoner, offender, absconder as well as the betrayer of the . . .     read more >>

China Road Construction Industry Report, 2010   new
 Added: 06/27/2011 - Yan Liao

From 2006 to 2010, China's road construction witnessed rapid development. During this period, China built 639,000 km of roads. As of the end of 2010, China's road mileage had reached 3.984 million km, including an expressway mileage of 74,000 km (28,700 km of which were added in 2006-2010). The future development of road sector will focus on th . . .     read more >>

Maharashtra Fire Services observes Fire Services Week 2011   new
(To showcase fire fighting armoury on April 20th parade in city) -  Added: 04/21/2011 - Manoj Wagh

Mumbai, April  20, 2011: The Directorate of Maharashtra Fire Services (MFS)  concluded the  “Fire Services Week 2011” today with a parade, showcasing its battalion of fire fighters and a range of fire fighting apparatus including rescue tender, foam tender, water tender, turntable ladder, hydraulic platform, fire engines, ambulances and the latest . . .     read more >>

Al Owais meets Mexican Ambassador to discuss cultural cooperation
 Added: 09/22/2010 - bizcom

Dubai: Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al Owais, Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development, met His Excellency Francisco Alonso Escobar, the Mexican Ambassador to the UAE at the Ministry's office in Dubai. They discussed bilateral relations, joint cooperation and ways to promote cultural exchange and communication of ideas between the two . . .     read more >>

Performance Team announces Mike Yerkes as new Vice President of Operations
 Added: 09/16/2010 - PTGT

Los Angeles, CA, 2010 - Performance Team (PT), a leading provider of supply chain logistics, announces the addition of Mike Yerkes as Vice President of Operations, PT Northeast. About Mike Yerkes, VP of Operations, Performance Team Northeast: Mr. Yerkes is backed by an impressive 12-year career at Jones Apparel Group, earning titles of Director o . . .     read more >>


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