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Dopplers - Listen to your baby in the womb from 10-12 weeks pregnant
 Added: 12/09/2005 - is a UK based company, who have undertaken research and found a very exciting new product to bring to their customers From the comfort of their own homes Fetal Dopplers allow pregnant mums to listen to their baby's heartbeat in the womb from 12 weeks pregnant. "it is so much fun to wake up in the morning and listen . . .     read more >>

Online Dosimetry now Offers Complete Remote Dosimetry
 Added: 12/09/2005 - ALEX PLOWMAN

"The continuing cost of our service is determined entirely by the facility. Online Dosimetry is a cost fee for service. Therefore, the cost to the center is directly related to the type and number of plans that Online Dosimetry provides to the facility every month" said Alex Plowman, Vice President of Operations. In order to take advan . . .     read more >>

Blood Pressure Website Launched By
 Added: 12/09/2005 - Eddie Tobey

A number of self monitoring blood pressure devices that are easy to use and provide accurate readings are available at drug stores, pharmacies and medical supply outlets. Arteries carry blood from the heart to all parts of the body. Blood pressure is the force that pushed along the arteries every time the heart beats. So, blood pressure is a m . . .     read more >>

Macular Degeneration Website Launched By
 Added: 12/09/2005 - Kevin Stith

There are two types of Macular Degeneration or AMD. The first and more common type is the Dry Macular Degeneration. 85% to 90% of the cases of AMD or Age-related macular degeneration are of the dry or atrophic type. It is also a fact that most cases of age-related macular degeneration always starts out as the dry form. The progressive deterior . . .     read more >>

Contact Lenses Website Launched By
 Added: 12/09/2005 - Jennifer Bailey

People suffering from presbyopia, which makes people unable to read at the usual distance from the eyes and need to place the reading material at a distance further away, were initially prescribed bifocal glasses that could be used to correct two different kinds of problems with the eyes. These bifocal were difficult to manage, so scientists design . . .     read more >>

Osteoarthritis Website Launched By
 Added: 12/09/2005 - Kristy Annely

Treating Osteoarthritis is a joint venture between the patient and their physician that takes into account the patient's personal needs and medical condition. The conditions that could affect treatment are cardiac disease, hypertension, peptic ulcers, or renal disease. Standard treatment involves pain killers, physiotherapy, exercises, and diet . . .     read more >>

Aspartame Formaldehyde and Thimerosal Mercury in Children's Medications, Vitamins, and Vaccines
 Added: 11/15/2005 - stephen fox

He wasn't on the agenda; he was representing the most corporate oriented firm in New Mexico, and he essentially told the Board of Pharmacy: "You don't have the power to challenge an FDA approved product. Besides, why worry? Aspartame is totally safe, and besides that, you would have to hire ten or twenty people just to red through the . . .     read more >>

Ultimate Frisbee Spreads Disease
 Added: 09/30/2005 - Pete Toppleton

world-wide which combines elements of netball, soccer, grid-iron and touch footy. The basic aim is for the team with the frisbee to pass the disc up the field to others on their team and catch it in the endzone. This is a game of speed, strategy, and rough, often dirty play. And there in lies the problem. While the game continues . . .     read more >>

The Myth of the Medical Malpractice Claims Crisis
 Added: 07/07/2005 - Jill Yablonski

New research published in the latest issue of Journal of Empirical Legal Studies examines Texas medical malpractice claims and finds no tort crisis. Instead, the study's authors find that, over a 15-year period, the system was largely stable and generated few significant changes in claim frequencies, payments, or jury verdicts. "Average pa . . .     read more >>

Wimbledon serves up more than game, set and match for players..
 Added: 06/17/2005 - Sophie Evans

Press release Release details: Immediate Date: 17 June 2005 Wimbledon serves up more than game, set and match for players.. With Wimbledon approaching, top players such as Tim Henman will have to watch out for more than their opponents' killer serves. While Roger Federer is serving bombs he should be aware of the silent rival waitin . . .     read more >>


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