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Amazing design tools online
 Added: 12/04/2005 - Duncan

From ancient times staining glass has challenged the abilities and imaginations of the great alchemists. From East to West the sheer beauty of stained glass won the hearts of Kings, emperors, sultans and nobles. For a millennium architects have designed Palaces, Castles, Villas, and Spas and graced them with mosaics and stained glass interior and e . . .     read more >>

Internet Companies have found new information on Top Website Ranking that has complete Search Engine
 Added: 12/04/2005 - Bill Naugle

Contact: Bill Naugle Website Rankings 697 Lindaire Ln. E Mansfield, Ohio 44906 614-573-7688 (fax) [email protected] New Website To Offer The Most Complete and Comprehensive New Product! November 8, 2005, Mansfield, Ohio--Website Rankings announces the launch of their new Website: websiterank . . .     read more >>

Is this the best ghost picture ever?
 Added: 12/04/2005 -

Is this the clearest picture of a "ghost" yet? Some weeks ago, The Phantom or Fraud Project took a small investigation team to the USA to research the work of "Sargel18" aka Bryan Williams. Bryan had claimed to have found an inter-dimensional gateway or "vortex" in Wannaque New Jersey. We were stunned by a number o . . .     read more >>

MING Chat Monitor to help SMBs manage all major public instant messengers use from $29.95
 Added: 12/04/2005 - MING Software Inc.

"Here, at Mingsoft, we are committed to improvement of the technical capabilities of our products while streamlining and simplifying their use, "said Jason Luo, manager at Mingsoft Inc. "The program provides customers with powerful tools to control rampant and uncontrolled IM use." MING Chat Monitor features the Packet Analysis . . .     read more >>

Ethnic Salwar Kameez Dresses, Punjabi Suits & Saris - Online Shopping Site Launched.
 Added: 12/04/2005 -

Added : ( May 2005 ) Online Shopping Site Launched for Ethnic Salwar Kameez Dresses, Punjabi Suits & Saris Ethnic Elegance, leading Indian manufacturers and exporters of ethnic & traditional dresses for women, have been exporting Salwar Kameez Dresses and Sarees (aka Saris) worldwide for many years. These dresses have found great demand in the . . .     read more >>

Parents Lounge relieves the stress of parenthood
 Added: 12/04/2005 - Steve Masters

Parents Lounge relieves the stress of parenthood Parents have a hard enough time managing the home, raising a family and keeping their sanity in check, so a new website has been launched to give them something to smile about and a shoulder to cry on at the same time. Founded in early November 2005, the website already has more than 500 members, . . .     read more >>

Pet Portrait Artist Sarah Leigh Launches New Website
 Added: 11/17/2005 - Sarah Leigh

Enter Webtacular, a subsidiary of Sixth Sense ESP who is ISO 9001 accredited meaning processes are quality managed and reliable. Just what you want when you need a website built as quickly as possible! One of Webtacular's designers discussed the challenge faced; "We were initially surprised that was such large competition amongst the pet p . . .     read more >> The Web's Newest Automotive Community Has Launched!
 Added: 11/17/2005 - Rideroom

Register today so you can show the world what you have in your Rideroom. " What's in your Rideroom? Website: . . .     read more >>

ISP-Planet critically acclaims SiteGalore
 Added: 05/20/2005 -

Coming from Akmin - the leading provider of private branded online website building software, SiteGalore ( is designed for ISPs, Webhosts, Domain Registrars, ASPs and other service providers who are keen to tap new and emerging market segments in an effort to increasing their revenues. Commenting on SiteGalore, Alex Goldman, t . . .     read more >>


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