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A Survivor of Polio Attack Reveals the Secret of Life in his new book!
Announcing the Birth of "The New Way"! -  Added: 05/27/2006 - JOSEPH OJIH

Our lives is filled with degrees of pleasures and pain. Our health may change for the better or for the worse; we may be rich today only to become poor tomorrow. Can we cope with the realities of life? Problems are simply disguised opportunities. Hence problems can be fixed by the way we approach them. The poems in my new book, THE NEW WAY, will al . . .     read more >>

How About A Treasure Hunt? We Got A Doozy
 Added: 11/30/2004 -

Have you wanted to look for artifacts of a lost civilazation? Have you dreamed of finding the Titanic? Was there and underground civilization on this planet? Could we be part of an experiment from worlds unknown to us? I dont know but????? This is a quote from the journal of Captain Antonin Horak written in a cave surrounded by Ger . . .     read more >>


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