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Toradex Announces its Participation in NXP's Early Access Program for the i.MX 8QuadMax   new
 Added: 03/13/2017 - Lakshmi Naidu

Horw, Switzerland - March 13th 2017: Toradex is proud to announce its participation in the early access program for the new NXP® i.MX 8QuadMax applications processor. Toradex will feature the NXP i.MX 8QuadMax on its pin-compatible Apalis Computer on Module form factor. Apalis iMX8 will be able to take advantage of the extensive ecosystem around To . . .     read more >>

Press Release: Toradex Announces First Colibri Module with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth   new
Colibri iMX6ULL is the first Colibri module with optional certified Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It features a single core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU. -  Added: 03/14/2017 - Lakshmi Naidu

Toradex extends it successful Colibri family of System on Modules with the upcoming Colibri iMX6ULL . It is the first Colibri module with optional certified Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity on-board.  The module is a secure and low power solution for connected IoT applications, including edge devices and IoT gateways. The new Colibri module is base . . .     read more >>

Innovaccer Launches Payor Compare, a Free Tool to Help Care Teams Track And Monitor Medicare Plan   new
 Added: 03/16/2017 - Sachin Saxena

Innovaccer Inc., a Silicon Valley- Headquartered Healthcare Analytics company, announced the launch of Payor Compare, a free tool for care teams to track, monitor and analyze their performance in the Medicare Advantage Plan and overall trends. Payor Compare assimilates comprehensive historical and current data from over 33,000 Medicare Advantage Pl . . .     read more >>

Visionet Launches VisiCapture - A Platform for Automation to Manage Document Governance   new
Visionet is pleased to announce the launch of VisiCapture, a cloud-based platform that offers data capture solution and services to automate the document governance. -  Added: 03/07/2017 - Marlo J. Bodinizzo

Visionet is pleased to announce the launch of, a cloud-based platform that offers data capture solution and services to automate the document governance and manages the end-to-end lifecycle and streamlines paper-intensive processes. VisiCapture's mortgage technology drives documents and data into business application and conten . . .     read more >>

Exciting New Collection of Short Fiction:   new
Out now in paperback, Kindle, audiobook at Amazon -  Added: 03/07/2017 - Andrew Szava-Kovats

People are talking about this exciting new collection of Short Fiction: "In Case of Memory, Break Glass" (Why I don't like to remember anything.) Memories are by nature unreal, untrue, inaccurate. They are only mental constructs that we use to organize our experiences. Some are cherished, some frightening, some lost. But they are the only reali . . .     read more >>

New Release! Pick up your copy of the RPG companion   new
 Added: 03/09/2017 - Kristi King-Morgan

It is a tough universe out there with death-by-giant insect waiting around every corner. Immerse yourself in these short stories based on the role-playing game We Hunt Bugs, and experience the tales of shaky alliances, backstabbing comrades, and terrifying monsters. The collection includes contributions from authors like Connor MacDonald, B. Jayme . . .     read more >>

Donald Trump Toilet Paper Now Live On Indiegogo   new
In October 2016, right before the elections, founder of Gagster gag gifts Yaniv Graif noticed his Trump toilet paper rolls are outselling Hillary rolls 6-to-1.Live now on Indiegogo. -  Added: 03/07/2017 - Yaniv Graif

Gagster presents one of the most groundbreaking gag gifts: the Donald Trump toilet paper. 3 ply toilet tissue with 200 sheets per roll, specially designed to make others laugh and have a great time. Gagster has launched a promising crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to support its production. * Do not mistake this for a gag campaign. This is a real . . .     read more >>

Amazon Pay for FR, IT, ES, DE and UK   new
WebiProg produces high quality e-commerce, mobile commerce solutions and websites. We know how to create, improve and support websites to make them highly competitive on the market. -  Added: 03/10/2017 - Sam Stayer

 The worldwide leading development company WebiProg is pleased to announce a new Zen Cart payment gateway “Amazon Pay”. The current payment gateway supports 5 countries like: - Germany - England - Italy - France - Spain WebiProg offers it for free and everybody can download it from the WebiProg's website: WebiProg . . .     read more >>

Get the latest Renewable Heat Incentive statistics for January 2017 from BEIS   new
 Added: 03/02/2017 - Iain Surman

More than 17,500 full applications have been made under the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI) since it opened in 2011, new Renewable Heat Incentive statistics have revealed. According to January's Renewable Heat Incentive statistics, released by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS); 16,317 have receiv . . .     read more >>

Stellar Reinvents its Data Recovery Software for Consumers' Ease of Use   new
 Added: 02/28/2017 - Sharadendu Tiwari

Stellar Data Recovery announced NEW release of its flagship software Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery that helps consumers & professionals get back lost data after events like accidental deletion, formatting, hard drive corruption or operating system crash. Data loss can be a stressful event & seeking professional service would cost hu . . .     read more >>

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