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ART Ports Voice Recognition Engine to Analog Devices’ DSPs
 Added: 08/21/2001 -

Contact: Yakov Shulman ART, Advanced Recognition Technologies Ltd. +972-3-642-7242, ext. 121 [email protected] Gabi Artzi ART, Advanced Recognition Technologies Inc. +1-805-581-3999 [email protected] Atlanta, Georgia, USA, August 21, 2001. ART, Advanced Recognition Technologies Inc., a global leader in natural Human User . . .     read more >>

Math Modelling
 Added: 08/20/2001 -

For details of my current projects, please go to The graphics referred to below can also be found there. Introduction I have written this history of my mathematical modelling experience, partly in response to academic researchers interested in techniques used and assumptions made, but also to potential . . .     read more >>

Foreign Ink Ltd. completes Chinese translation for Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.
 Added: 08/17/2001 -

CONTACT: Gregory Stricherz Foreign Ink Ltd. 612.920.4884 [email protected] Minneapolis, MN " August 20, 2001 - Foreign Ink Ltd. has completed a 160,000-word software localization project for Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. The project involved translating all English text and computer strings into Simplified Chinese fo . . .     read more >>

Chiropractic Correction of Upper Neck Injury May Help Reverse Multiple Sclerosis
 Added: 08/17/2001 -

The research was performed by Erin Elster, D.C., an Upper Cervical chiropractic specialist of Boulder, Color., who corrected chronic upper neck injuries in an MS patient which may have stimulated a reversal of MS symptoms. According to Dr. Elster, injuries to the spine can result in vertebral subluxations that occur when vertebrae (the small int . . .     read more >>

Do you have an Inverse Problem?
 Added: 08/05/2001 -

By Bob Marlow, Loughborough University Did you ever play with a thing called a "Puzzle Box" in your physics class? It was a wooden box with 4 or more sockets on top, and inside the box the sockets were connected by resistors, capacitors and the like. You were armed with ammeters, voltmeters etc, but you weren't allowed to look insid . . .     read more >>

 Added: 07/12/2001 -

News release is available online at With St Swithin’s day this Sunday (15 July), the Met Office is keen to dispel the myth surrounding the old wives’ tale that if it rains on St Swithin’s Day, it will rain for the next 40 days. According to the Met Office, this old wives’ tale is nothin . . .     read more >>

Flavour chemical first for Treatt
 Added: 07/06/2001 -

Imparting hay-like green notes, 3-Methyl-2,4-nonanedione is found naturally occurring in dry green and black tea as well as dry parsley. Flavourists will find many uses for 3-Methyl-2,4-nonanedione – these include its use in savoury applications which require the taste of parsley, or in beverage applications in a brewed tea base, where conc . . .     read more >>

KRATON Polymers to celebrate a momentous year at K2001
 Added: 07/04/2001 -

Messe Dusseldorf Trade Exhibition Centre, Dusseldorf, Germany 25 October - 1 November, 2001 Visit the KRATON Polymers Business in the Raw Materials Hall No 4, Stand Number B/40 LONDON (4 July, 2001) - Plastic product manufacturers and key decision makers can meet representatives from the KRATON Polymers Business, the world's leading producer . . .     read more >>

The MINI's no minor investment for BMW
 Added: 06/28/2001 -

The recently completed tunnels cover areas where the production line breaches separate buildings' main fire walls. The tunnels are suspended from existing steel work, up to seven metres above the ground, and Furmanite has carried out careful risk assessments to ensure that each one is fully supported. Each of the tunnels is built from fire re . . .     read more >>

 Added: 06/22/2001 -

HIDEOUS AND INCOMPETENT RESEARCH BY LONDON SCIENTISTS The National Anti-Vivisection Society today exposed cruel research on dogs that involved pumping blood from one dog’s leg directly to the another dog’s neck, force-filling the recipient dog’s bladders, then killing all of the dogs, by stopping their breathing and draining the . . .     read more >>


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