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Allied Data Technologies supports new standards ADSL2+ annex L, annex M and annex B
 Added: 10/03/2005 - J. van Kapel-Doelslamet

The new standards define new possibilities for extended reach (annex L), doubling the upstream data (annex M) and ADSL2+ support over ISDN (annex B). The outcomes of the tests also show the CopperJet 16xx series to be proven interoperable with all major DSLAM vendors. CopperJet's results in connection rates: ADSL2+ annex L : 300 Kbps data . . .     read more >>

Your favourite TV programme anywhere!
 Added: 10/03/2005 - IST Results

Founded in 2000, DiBcom designs high-performance, low power consuming chipsets - based on their patented algorithms and architectures - which enable mobile TV. This means digital television will be available for cars, laptops, PCs and portable LCD TV, and even mobile devices such as cell phones and PDAs. Indeed, last May, the company launched the D . . .     read more >>

Nayna Networks Expands VoIP and Internet Video Markets
 Added: 10/03/2005 - C.P. Barry

TheNewsWire Gainers are Lexar Media Inc. (Nasdaq: LEXR), Blue Dolphin Energy Co. (Nasdaq: BDCO) and NGAS Resources Inc. (Nasdaq: NGAS), JDS Uniphase Corp. (Nasdaq: JDSU), FORBES MEDI-TECH (Nasdaq: FMTI) and Endwave Corp. (Nasdaq: ENWV), Momenta Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq: MNTA) and NTL Inc. (Nasdaq: NTLI) TheNewsWire Decliners are School Speci . . .     read more >>

ValueFirst Messaging appoints Bharathy Computer as a Channel Partner
 Added: 10/02/2005 - Vijay Shukla

October 2005, Gurgaon Bharathy Computer Consultancy Services is appointed as a channel partner by ValueFirst Messaging Pvt Ltd ( to provide reliable and cost effective SMS text messaging software products and services to customers in Kerala. Bharathy was selected as a channel partner to enable high penetration in both sma . . .     read more >>

from the unusual view point
 Added: 10/02/2005 - danny teller

When I returned upon that dingy boat from seeing seals near Mull upon a hill I saw that thing a thing what a thing it was a tower none the less and none the more- What's it doing here- eh I dunno but it's there upon a dainty hill overlooking the glorious sun fed and radiant bay It looked like a colloseum but it goes around and around wi . . .     read more >>

HRinIndia signs up MOU to hold a HR Conferenct at Bangalore
 Added: 10/02/2005 - Raghav

Human resources in IT industry will also be a focus area of this year's event. A one-day conference on HR in IT is being organised as part of, which will focus on emerging issues on managing people, recruitment, building sustainable value systems, and best practices among others, said Mr Raghava Rao, Founder of HRinIndia. OVER 300 . . .     read more >>

e-GIF Accreditation Authority Award Winners Announced
 Added: 09/30/2005 - Kath Bates

From the National Computing Centre, Manchester, UK. For Issue 30th September 2005 NCC is delighted to announce the inaugural winners of the annual e-GIF Accreditation Authority Public Sector and Private Sector awards. As part of the BCS's Annual IT Professional Awards, the e-GIF awards recognise outstanding efforts in the development of syste . . .     read more >>

Seizures at IBC show to enforce MPEG Audio patents
 Added: 09/30/2005 - Sandro Spina

SISVEL S.p.A. and its U.S. subsidiary Audio MPEG, Inc. have exclusive worldwide rights to license the patents owned by Philips, France Telecom and IRT covering essential elements of the ISO/IEC 11172-3 and ISO/IEC 13818-3 MPEG Standards directed to MPEG Audio layers 1, 2 and 3 (MP3) technology. In response to the continued patent infringement an . . .     read more >>

EDS and Proxima Technology Contribute to UK Government Research
 Added: 09/30/2005 - Linh C. Ho

Proxima Technology is a small software vendor who recently contributed with EDS in a government research. The UK Government released the research report couple weeks ago about SMEs benefiting from the public sector via large organizations " Proxima Technology and EDS are highlighted in the case study below. For a full report, please contact Li . . .     read more >>

Podcasting eBook Offers a New 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
 Added: 09/30/2005 - Stephanie Ciccarelli

Even before purchasing, podcasters can give the eBook a whirl by sampling free downloads from the site including a demo of a podcast introduction recorded by the professional voice-over talent who has recorded the ten episode numbers included in the bonuses, and the opportunity to hear one of the tracks that they will receive in their royalty-free . . .     read more >>


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