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Business Process Management solution from Consilium Technologies to kick-start e-gov compliance
Added: 06/07/2005

Andrew Murray, consultant for Consilium Technologies highlighted this exciting development when he said, "Through our partnership with Orbis Software we're in a position to automate practically any activity of the local authority officer." He continued, "Real-time information will be automatically published to web pages for citizens to view, authority workers will have their administration activities automated and local authority managers will benefit from complete visibility of employee compliance activities." He concluded, "This technology, with its drag and drop interface, will mean that projects will be completed much quicker and the automation aspect of our product will reduce local authority waste."

Philip Smith, Managing Director for Orbis Software also commented on this exciting partnership with Consilium Technologies when he said, "E-government is designed to bring information, from multiple departments, to those stakeholders who need it most. TaskCentre's Business Process Management capabilities addresses the very heart of the e-government problem by removing the physical emphasis placed on individual software users to manually extract, format and deliver real-time information."

Consilium Technologies are the first local authority specialist to embed the UK's leading Business Process Management solution, TaskCentre, into their offerings and have already experienced a high level of interest in their new automation capabilities. Indeed, with the movement towards on-demand information increasing in momentum this partnership looks set to have a major impact on the local authority arena.


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