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Teen Creates Kickstarter Project for Slothicorns, A Virtual Troop for Transgender Scouts
School Project Evolves into Virtual Troop for Transgender Scouts of All Genders and Ages
Added: 03/21/2019 - Kirsten Shaw

When high school student Felix Davis was assigned a senior project, he wanted to create a way to support the transgender community. He surveyed a Facebook transgender support group with over 13,000 members. When asked about what gender-affirming activities they regretted not experiencing, the dominating response was overwhelming: getting to participate in scouts as their authentic selves. Davis used this info as the basis of his senior project and created Slothicorns, a "magical and tired" online troop for transgender scouts of all genders and ages.

Davis used his art tablet to design a mascot and troop patches. He also designed badges, a colorful series of patches for scouts to earn by completing tasks in one of six themes:

• PLAY (red)
• AFFIRMATION (yellow)
• CULTURE (green)
• COMMUNITY (blue)

As word of Davis' idea grew, so did the number of people wanting to get involved and help transform his idea into a reality. A diverse group of artists, business owners, and activists from across the country generously offered to help out. Before long, what started as a school assignment evolved into a non-profit organization. Slothicorns Inc. will launch its campaign on Kickstarter on April 2nd with a goal to secure funding for 250 scouts.

Slothicorns board member TJ Hartman was eager to assist. "I became involved in Slothicorns, Inc. because I love to help and lead others. This project lets me do something I love without the pressure of conforming to the gender binary. Scouts are scouts, no matter their gender, and I am honored to offer my skills and time to enrich the lives of others." Hartman emphasizes, "It is so important to feel like a part of something. The camaraderie and accomplishment of a scout troop can change a life. It can even save a life."

Slothicorns Inc. is dedicated to helping transgender individuals develop skills, pursue experiences, and foster an intersectional community that promotes empathy, courage, and joy. Slothicorns membership is open to transgender, gender-nonconforming and gender-questioning U.S. residents of all genders and ages. Slothicorns Inc. is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

To learn more visit or

Slothicorns Inc.
10851 Thistle Rdg.
Slothicorns Inc. IN 46038

Site URL:
Phone: (none)
FAX: (none)
Email: Contact
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